Hello all,

I need some help. I have quite a few domains that I have purchased over the years that I have been wanting to develop. I have posted three of them here for discussion and have received some pretty good comments on them. My problem is I have some weaknesses. I am a workaholic. I own two businesses and I hold another municipal position. I am constantly thinking of new (mostly website) ideas but have little follow through on any of them.

In my businesses I have about a dozen employees that work for me and the businesses are what keep the bills paid. I am making a comfortable living but I know there could be so much more if I could just get the right people together to get some of these ideas off the ground.

Do any of you find yourself in a similar situation? I would be happy to provide a list of domains that I have if anyone is interested.

I am looking for ideas on forming a group to get some of these ideas going. Let me know your thoughts and let me know if you are interested in discussing this further.