Hi, guys how are you doing?

I am working in a small company as network administrator. When I joined the company everything was configured by a former network administrator. Right now, I have some difficulties configuring a new Router in DHCP server. Let me explain it in detail.
Well, in this company there were not internet connections until today but now the administration of the company bought a static DNS from ISP provider and told me to configure it to the DHCP server so that all DHCP clients gonna have an internet connection because soon we will have a web application. My problem is the DHCP server was not configured properly from the beginning because the IP Address is ( should be reserved to the gate way. Take a look what configuration I have so far.

IP Address =
Sub net =
Gate way = no

The Address pool is starting from -

My question is:-
1. Can I reserve from the pooling address example ( in the DHCP server so that I will give this address to the Router?
2. Is it possible to have an IP Address from non- pooling address such as ( for the Router?
3. During the configuration of the Router, could I add the static address to the Router or is it enough to add to the forwarders?

I hope you understand what I am asking for

Please guys i need help?