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Thread: Problems with Outlook connecting to MS Exchange when using a BT Hub

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    Problems with Outlook connecting to MS Exchange when using a BT Hub

    I have recently installed a BT Hub (wifi) on my home phone line, replacing my previous SKY router and before that a NETGEAR router. Whereas previously I could successfully connect from Outlook (2007) from my laptop running Windows XP Home Edition to MS Exchange, I cannot since installing my BT Hub. I can however still successfully connect using my 3G Vodafone Mobile Connection (USB dongle) and from locations offering wifi connections e.g. East Coast Trains.
    All BT have been able to suggest is deactivating the BT Hub's firewall. This is no problem as I'm running a Norton firewall. However, deactivating the BT Hub's firewall doesn't solve the problem, i.e. Outlook continues to display (until it times-out) 'Trying to connect to MS Exchange', but it never succeeds.
    I can't be the only person to ever try to do this using a BT Hub?
    Does anyone have a solution?
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    Problem fixed by 'Checking' both the fast and slow network options in the Proxy Settings screen, i.e. in Outlook, Click Tools/Account Settings, then click Change, More Settings, Connection then Exchange Proxy Settings. Many thanks to all that responded with advice on this solution.

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    don't know why this worked but it did!
    thank you

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