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Thread: DMOZ Submission

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    DMOZ Submission

    Hey guys,

    Have anyone recently successfully submitted their site into DMOZ. I want to submit my site to DMOZ but it is not accepting my submission. Can any SEO Expert share their knowledge related to DMOZ submission, when is the best time to submit your site in to DMOZ?

    Thanks in advance

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    If your content is valid then domz will accept your link. but it will take time. After one year also some times domoz will approve

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    As Caitlyn said, it does take time. Make sure you're content is as good as it can be, submit your site and then just leave it. There's nothing you can do about it, and it's been suggested that when you re-submit your site, you go to the back of the queue. Also, all the editors are volunteers, so they'll get around to it when they can

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caitlyn View Post
    If your content is valid then domz will accept your link.

    Quote Originally Posted by jasonwdexter View Post
    Also, all the editors are volunteers, so they'll get around to it when they can
    In actuality the editors are told they do not even have to LOOK at the submission pool.

    DMOZ is a crapshoot anymore. It is also, in my opinion, worthless to bother with other than submitting and forgetting, the same as any other crap directory.
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    It's not easy to get your link approval in DMOZ. Processing of site submissions will take a while, even up to six months, sometimes longer.

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    And depending on the category, you may be wasting your time. See: Where's The Love, DMOZ?

    Apparently fewer and fewer pages are indexed:

    This post came out of Q&A, where we've had multiple questions about new DMOZ links not showing up in Open Site Explorer. To be honest, the timing and depth of these links means that OSE doesn't always catch them, but in almost every case that I dug into, the DMOZ pages in question weren't being indexed by Google, either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 123akshay View Post
    Really? But it is the best directory.
    What makes you say that? It's just one website. I'd rather concentrate my efforts on getting on some relevant websites that are actually benefit my website by driving targeted traffic to me, and help me in the SERPS at the same time.

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    DMOZ lists 3000-9000 new sites each month making it the fastest growing directory on the web.

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    I've found directories generally useless. DMOZ has the best reputation and therefore may be the most trustworthy to the search engines, isn't it owned by Yahoo?

    I've submitted a few sites to DMOZ and none were authorised, it's not worth sweating about too much.

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    Some times even websites with quality content get rejected. Reason: Illegal (websites that are against DMOZ Guidelines)

    If you use promotional words during submission there are chances that editors would take a longer time to review it or it may get rejected.
    May be your website is still in queue to get reviewed... Did you get any notification of rejection????

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