I'm looking to partner with someone who has experience in affiliate marketing and knows how to profit from it. I understand all the basics to get things set up and running, i.e. site development, hosting, iContact, Wordpress, etc. But I'm missing the technique and the processes involved in getting the traffic, building a significant mailing list and monetizing my sites.
So I'm looking for a coach as much as a partner and willing to split the profits with someone willing to take the time to work with me to get the right things in place, and take the steps that produce results. I'll handle the labor and set up costs. I have a lot of ideas but I'm welcome to new ones but sincerely seek guidance in filling in a lot of gaps I have with respect to the steps that go into running a successful affiliate marketing business. I love the net and want to work here.
If anyone is serious in considering this proposal, please contact me here.