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Thread: Is anybody using duckduckgo as their search engine?

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    Is anybody using duckduckgo as their search engine?

    I just heard about this search engine a couple of days ago and I'm wondering what other people think of it? I don't see any advertising and that could be good.

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    I haven't used it but I have used Blekko every now and then... With any luck you will have entirely different results. But if I search for a recipe...

    The same recipe is repeated on every single result practically...

    So... let me try Duck Duck Go...

    Now I don't really know if it just a bias I have, but I think I am walking away with better overall results on Duck Duck Go. But who knows for sure right? I usually hot switch to and from different search engines using the hot switcher in firefox.

    Hope that helps...

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    I tried it out but didn't see anything too groundbreaking honestly. A SE is really all about mutual benefit for webmasters and end users and it looks like duckduckgo wouldn't help webmasters with traffic as wikipedia gets a front and center spot even more so than Google.

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    no, but just checked it - wooooo no adverts - but it is fledgling, has not images. it does have various sources- one of them being bing,, not sure how it can claim to be completely new etc

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    I had not heard of DuckDuckGo. But there are also some very powerful and useful search engines for finding people rather than things or knowledge. Two to check out are and They can be useful for business, but it is fairly scary to see the ease with which aggregator search engines can find, collect and collate personal information to make profiles on individuals.

    There's more on it at

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    Well somebody must be using DuckDuckGo for search cuz I do see occasional hits in my StatCounter logs. (Something I can't say for Blekko...) It's kinda sad that alternative search engines just can't seem to get much traction in the face of Goog and Bing/Hoo.
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    DuckDuckGo doesn't store your search history, so I guess many people use it for that reason. I agree it must be difficult to gain notoriety in the Search engine business.

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    I just checked it out and I rank about the same on it as on google.
    That said, I really like the duck logo, and I like the idea of COMPETITION keeping the big boys (or in this case, the big boy) honest.
    And that said, I think unless google makes a mistake, nobody is going to de-throne it.

    Ps. Did I mention how cute the duck logo is?

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    i just started using it i was so tired of ad clutter on the other engines. It is a very smooth engine, clean, no clutter, and also better results now that there are no ads everywhere!!

    i would not put too much faith in them though you know they will sell out just like all the others. you might actually want to take a look at who is behind the engine as well. whats their background? look who is giving duckduckgo press releases and PR

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    I have now started using it when i do not want personalized search.

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