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Thread: Community spirit - reviewing sites with no replies

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    Community spirit - reviewing sites with no replies

    As many of you are aware one thing in Site Review which is hard to keep tabs on with is how quickly posts gets pushed to page two... sometimes without getting even one review.

    As a lot of members are pretty busy, few have time to check out page 2,3, 4 etc and so once these requests pass onto page two they often remain unanswered.

    Oddly enough I didn't notice till recently (call me blind - I won't argue!) the "Read Topics With No Replies" link at the top right of page one of the the Site Review forum, but now I have I'd like to encourage other members to be "community minded" and check that link now and again to specifically look for the sites that have "missed out". If we all pitch in maybe less sites will get overlooked in future.

    And as always if you have any questions or concerns about the forum feel free to PM one of the mods and we will eb gald to help out as best we can.

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    I'm on it;)
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    Working from the bottom up

    I noticed that the newest posts are at the bottom. Since they are more then likely to visit the forums sooner then the older posts, I thought that I would work from the bottom up seeing all the niceities I could find on the internet.

    Some good, some bad, some downright ugly.

    I was wondering if we could "delete posts older then 30-60 days with no replies" from the listing of posts with no replies page. Or better yet somehow delete posts from the forum older then 30-60 days with no replies?
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    removing old posts

    I've sent a message to the admin about the option of showing only the newer posts and arranging the lists with th most recent at the top...

    I personally don't like the idea of automatically deleting old posts with no replies. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I don't like to delete posts without at least sending the member a courtesy note.

    That said I will try find time to go through the list over the weekend and delete any that have dud links etc.
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    I'm on it too.
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    I think part of the problem about non-reviews (or getting only one and then the request is shoved to page 2-3-4, etc.) is that when a site is reviewed, the poster makes no comment. By not commenting on the current review, the request keeps getting farther and farther beyond the first page. If the original poster would, at least, acknowledge the review, it can stay current and more people would tend to view the request and perhaps review it. I've reviewed some sites on which there was no activity after my review... If the poster checked his/her review request, he/she should make a comment and keep the request in the forefront..

    just my opinion......
    Mary Ann
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    People aren't responding

    It's a shame when you ask people to check your site and ask for feedback even make it simple by adding a poll and still get no responces. If anyone reads this please take my poll. Please review my site " I think it says" Maureen C. I have looked at others even and asked them to at lest take my poll and nothing. Well Thank you to you if you read this.

    Maureen C

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    Community spirit

    Community spirit, What a joke, I have no idea why people come on this site apart from self gratification. If you are online and in a forum have an opinion. As me I may be honest but at least I speak, either people start playing or I give up as I could be elsewhere!

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    I always comeback and reply to what reviewers have said about my site, or logo..or really any post i have made..I am on this site just about 5-9 hours a day...I do find it is slow sometimes and that I have to bump my post 2,3,or even 4 or 5 times to get someone to review it..but i find once I do get a reply and then I reply them more people do too..

    So the key is to simply stay active with your post...and you will get something from it..

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    email notify

    I think lots of folks who do reply fail to enable email notification of a reply. Then, with all the different topics etc to chose from when logging in they simply fail to arrive back at that topic.
    Additionally, many times one poster will simply cover the ground in such a way that a second post would just be redundant. Except for the now devalued value of another link there is a pointless aspect to making a post.
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