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Thread: Community spirit - reviewing sites with no replies

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    It would be helpful to me if an automatic link to my site's listing were inserted into any review I made which would make it easier for the person receiving MY review to simply click and reciprocate immediately instead of having to search for my listing.

    I have a hard enough time locating where my listing is as it is without expecting a total stranger to go looking for it.

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    So little time

    So many sites to little time.

    I have reviewed some and will do so ocassionally. I always look for the ones with no replies.

    I'm off...

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    I'll try to do my part of the reviews as well, an interesting thought came to my mind however - one that has most likely been thought of a million times before.

    Categorizing the sites, I mean I'll gladly look over standard sites, preferrably of course about web tech (accessibility, css etc), real estate or travel agents and such but will skip areas I'm totally unfamiliar with (e-commerce sites, especially magazines, discounts, coupons and directories etc).

    Some sort of categorization would also reduce the amount of reviews (for me and possibly like minded people) and help us focus to the most interesting or familiar types of pages.

    Currently, with this topic being so popular, visiting every couple days I'd need to scroll through 3-4 pages of sites to review and try to choose those that I would put an effort into.

    Just an idea, possibly a bad one too.

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    Unanswered Topics.

    masterpeace, I agree! Even before this topic was created and ever since I joined this wonderful forum - and others I have clicked this link specifically to answer unnoticed posts. When logging on, today, I immediately checked the post I made here, and to my surprise, there were no replies. As a result of this, I double posted, as calypso_webmaster mentioned, to increase interest in what, to me, was an important topic.

    snowflakegirl, the solution to your problem regarding finding your own posts is simple. Click the link named View your posts, which takes you to a complete chronological list of your posts. It is located in the top right hand corner on the forum index.

    Edit: Also, wouldn't it be a good idea to increase the number of topics shown per page. Obviously, this would slightly impair loading times, but it would ensure more topics would still appear on the first page of a specific forum. I was almost sure that you could change this on a user basis, too, using your profile. However, having looked it seems this option is not there. Have you modified the profile.php file located in the root of the phpbb2 folder - or am I imagining things?

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    Does anyone read this - i clicked on the link out of interest & saw sooooo many unreplied submissions. Some were 8 months old !! Do the site moderators have a point where they mark submission as out of date if not replied to within a while & why wouldnt the owner check their submission ??? mmmmmm - ok i need to get out more on a sat night rather than get stuck posting replies on forums eh !!

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    Hi divingwelshbird,

    One of the problems is that the page lits from oldest to newest and not vice versa, but I have read your post and others on th same point and I started going through the list today and doing some "spring cleaning".

    I don't like removing peoples posts without warning so I am restricting the clean up to sites with dead links, sites which were reviewed later (and received replies) and posts where the member has been inactive for 3 months... At least that should b a start!

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    Maybe others have noticed the same thing - plenty of page views but either none or just a few replies with comments for a lot of posters in this forum. I would think if one takes the time to view a page then why not leave at least a line or 2 - good or bad.
    Just my 3 cents (adjusted for inflation).
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    sometimes the sites are just sooooo bad, that I (for one) feel awful about telling the poster that... I usually try to look for something positive to say about a site, but sometimes, it just isn't possible. and sometimes, I know so little about the topic, )and the topic isn't listed in the request for review)that I can't possibly give any kind of review....
    Mary Ann
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    I have to agree Mary Ann, there are some really bad sites that ask for reviews. But, good or bad is an opinion. I would like to think that any reviewing in a forum should focus on layout, style and the appearance of credibility rather then a subjective content review.
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    You can't always infer that a lot of views mean a lot of unique visitors. I know that when I post a site to be reviewed, I read and reread the responses multiple times - not always from the same computer.

    For reviews I usually start by checking page three and working my way to page one, looking for requests that haven't received much response.

    You don't have to know a subject to know if the navigation works, if the font is readable, if the site is user friendly. Well, thats where I start anyway. When looking for reviews I have found the varying backgrounds of the reviewers help to create a total picture which is better than a single review from a single so called expert.

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