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Thread: Upload a text file to Websites Root Directory

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    Upload a text file to Websites Root Directory

    I dont know if im posting under the correct catagory but can anyone tell me how to upload a text file to my websites root directory?

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    I would image that when you purchased your hosting package that at very least, it will support ftp (file transfer protocol) access which allows you to copy files between your computer and your website folders, such as the ROOT folder. Look in the details you received from your host when you signed up and you'll probably see ftp server details with a username and password.

    You could install an ftp client like FileZilla: (can't post links yet - too new!) to then make it easy to transfer files up.

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    Sorry about this being a second post on the topic so soon after the first, but I thought now I can post links, I'd give you the link to FileZilla free ftp software to save you copying and pasting the url above.

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    if you get a cpanel with your site you wil be able to login and check what your ftp accounts and passwords are. Set it up in filezilla (its awesome).
    Or you might find a directory browzer in your cpanel you can just click on your root directory and then choose upload from right click menu. that is probably the simplest if you are a newbie

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