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Thread: Best Browsers for SEO

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    Post Best Browsers for SEO

    I'm an avid Chrome user myself. I find that the ability to utilize the dominant search engines own browser gives me so much more choice and better choices in terms of Extensions. I realise Firefox has a boatload of SEO Plugins but what can I say; I like the interface too and the minimalist/non-intrusive nature of the browser too. At my previous SEO "agency" the split between Firefox and Chrome was fairly even; with Firefox probably ahead in terms of users or devotees rather I was wondering what the big attraction to Firefox was specifically within the SEO Community? Thoughts on a postcard.
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    I'll go with Firefox because of certain plugins I lke to use. But, I use several browsers. I'm using IE8 right now; my least favorite.

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    all my seo relevant plugins are in firefox so its my choice...

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    For me, Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for Seo cause Mozilla Firefox accept the majority of Seo plug ins. Also, Mozilla Firefox is fast and good to use when testing a site.

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    Firefox is the best browser for SEO because it can provide you all most every addon which are necessary for seo

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    I like to use the three big ones, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. They all can be used for different things. We have noticed that some things just work better in each.

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    if i could choose i rather use chrome all the time but some really helpfull add-on on firefox have no alternativ on chrome :/

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    Firefox is great because of the use of plugins, but I am enjoying the speed of Google Chrome. For me, it is the fastest browser out there...
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    i am using Firefox its cool

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    Chrome for speed and general surfing, Firefox for plugins, add-ons and privacy.

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