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Thread: Is AdWords a Waste Of Time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainman View Post
    Oh. By traffic-cpc-rate I meant adwords looking at the amount of traffic per hour, your cpc, and your daily budget to determine a 'best spend' campaign opportunity.
    Those are all distinctly different and independent things, things that cannot be conflated into a single meaning metric.

    And, none of them stand as a suitable proxy for cost-per-conversion, revenue-per-conversion, ROI, or any other metric related to the important matter of cost vs. benefit.

    And, auto-bid is not capable of using those latter and more important metrics for making bid related decisions.

    Quote Originally Posted by acostamanuel View Post
    How do you do for fraudulently clicks?
    I see that when I pay more for clicks I get less sales from the same ads thus I think It is clicks from the competition?
    The major PPC ad syndicators, Google included, are rather good at detecting ongoing click fraud, and remove such clicks from your statistical and billing data. They are, of course, not omnipotent, so that low grade infrequent fraud may go undetected.
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    Thank you for clearing that up deepsand. A lot to take in when starting adwords for the first time for a 'newbie' to adwords such as myself.

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