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Thread: Making A New Line In Facebook Email Messages

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    Lightbulb Making A New Line In Facebook Email Messages

    Hey Facebook email users. I hope you all got the email address you wanted. I know I did.

    For many of you this is old news but new computer users don't know this ability so here goes.

    I noticed when using the Facebook email system, we can send a message by simply hitting the enter key - which I think is great but for a lot of people they want their messages more clear with paragraph breaks.

    Well it's easy. In the box that you're typing your message in, if you want to create a new line simply hit the Shift key before you hit the Enter key.

    This can be done with lots of text editing type programs and boxes - even in wordpress.

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    Thanks for the sharing the information.
    I didn't know that minor but useful function of facebook e-mail system.

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    I really don't like to write in that small writing box.. Do know anything which would convert the writing box into more advance form. does they offering something like this?
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    Regarding The Facebook "Return Key" Issue

    My facebook account apparently never made the switch over. The return key continues to make a return in the text box. I didn't mind this at all because I didn't have to get used to pressing [shift+return].
    BUT now with the new photo viewer there is not a "comment" button to click on to leave my comments. So I am stuck pressing enter hoping it will comment like everyone says it should while nothing happens and I get a bunch of paragraph breaks. Any help for me???

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    In the Facebook email/Message system there is a check box that enable one click return sending, uncheck it and you will get a regular return key! Atleast that is how mine is, My facebook changes weekly, message system gets changed and I have had timeline for over a month... Unrelated but facebook needs to stop changing!

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