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Thread: Google adsense account activation

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    Google adsense account activation

    hey i want to ask , how long it takes in activation of adsense account, i have applied for one but just public service ads are displaying on my site.
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    You should not apply for an Adsense account before you have at least 7 high quality articles on your site.You might also get these public service ads because you write about things that have no paid ads available.I think you should write more content and you will get relevant ads.
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    It shouldn't take long once you see public service ads. If I remember right you should start seeing ads in 15-20 minutes.

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    Sometimes its like Google hasn't quite decided what your site is about yet! I had the same problem before. As said previously, if it is a new site then just write more content and you will see the difference. Good luck

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