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Thread: Blekko Versus Google

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    Blekko Versus Google

    The launch of new search engine called Blekko is said to trying swerve Google by offering better search results as it will put human input into algorithms to screen out results. Well, getting habituated to 'Let's Blekko Things!' is little difficult in the world where Google dominates 90% market share.

    Blekko's is expected to have three distinct features that Google doesn't have and this will give Blekko an advantage over Google, which are;

    • Searching for Links to yourself by time
    • Searching for sites in a Google Ad network through an Adsense ID
    • Searching for coverage of a certain topic over a certain period of time by a certain media sector

    Saying anything now about what next Blekko's emergence in the Google's world will bring for us! The only thing we can do is - to wait!


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    I doubt this engine will have any impact at all on Google's market share.

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    For the standard search engine user the blekko features are completely uninteresting. It might be a good tool for us SEO people, if they improve it some.

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    Agree with the rest. I think It's a very useful SEO tool (has many interesting new features that I havent found elsewhere) but for the general population, I don't think is that useful.

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    One of my favorite things about Blekko is seeing the links incoming to my competition really quickly. That
    said, when I look at my own, they are not accurate at this point.
    I've been playing with the slash tag feature and find it interesting.
    Other than other seo'ers I haven't found anyone in the general public who has even heard of it.

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    I really don't understand why anyone would put a lot of time, money, and resources into building a search engine that offers "better search results," when sites like Facebook clearly show that people are ready to change significantly how they use the Web to find information.

    If we want to talk about Blekko being an SEO tool, of course that's something different.
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    Thumbs up Google is Not Beatable so Easily by Blekko

    Google is Not Beatable so Easily by Blekko because if Microsoft and Yahoo jointly could not do so far, it's not easily acceptable only adding some features in their search feature.
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    Quote Originally Posted by weballways View Post
    Google is Not Beatable so Easily by Blekko because if Microsoft and Yahoo jointly could not do so far, it's not easily acceptable only adding some features in their search feature.
    When google first came on the scene they beat both microsoft and Yahoo by appealing to webmasters to boost the google brand name. What makes YOU think that some other newcomer can not accomplish the same task? Years ago, everyone said that nobody was going to knock altavista down too.....
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    Yes there is quite a bit of hype about Blekko and so far it hasn't proven that much. The SEO tools are nice as some above say but of what use are they to the average searcher? Time will tell if Blekko can move forward positively. That said, with the distractions Google towards changing their results and putting in places, more adwords and news results, there is some possibility of quick gains. Bing is still the next best thing after Google though.

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    Unfortunately Blekko lacks management with any vision.

    There is a business tenet that states;

    "First to market usually wins"

    In this case Google is and will remain the clear winner as a search engine for the foreseeable future.

    Additionally Blekko does not have the cash to compete with Google. Googles executives know that if an upstart were to become a gnat, they can buy them out and stifle the competition legally. So even if and thats a HUGE IF, Blekko could compete they don't have any way to defend themselves against the 400lb gorilla.

    Lastly has Blekko management team used any common sense, they would have gone up against Google in any of the many 100s of failures Google has attempted, since thinking they were invincible and could take over the world...... anyone remember Orkut???

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