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Thread: CS5 and HTC Hero Problems

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    CS5 and HTC Hero Problems


    I have Flash CS5 and I'm trying to create an MP3 player that will work on a HTC phone.

    The phone can play Flash movies but only ones we created with CS3.

    My question is how can I compile a .swf file from CS5 for an older version of Flash Player. The Adobe website claims that the flash player version on the phone is 9.1.122

    Everything I try fails and was hoping somebody on here could help.

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    The HTC Hero is, I believe, an Android based phone. What version of Android is on the phone, and how did you determine the version of Flash? If you have Android 2.2 you should have Flash 10.1, which is the latest version.

    From the phone browser, go to and enable Flash on the page. The page will display the version of the Flash Player installed on your phone.
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