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Thread: Need good simple gallery option

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    Exclamation Need good simple gallery option


    I'm looking for a gallery option for a client with the following options:
    1.)backend administration so that the client can add or remove images
    2.)PHP/MySQL option is preferable
    3.)ability to list categories, then go straight to the first image detail in the category and then page to the next image, and so on.
    4.)each image detail needs to be able to list multiple attributes of the work (title, size, price, link for email, etc.)
    5.)simple installation and setup with little code changing necessary

    I don't care if this is just an html gallery, flash or jquery. this particular client is driving me nuts with the requirements, and after 10 days of looking online for a solution, I've got zip!



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    Hi Andrew

    I presume in your searching you looked at Gallery (I think Gallery3 is out now). It is already built into most cPanel controlled hosting environments and does most of the things you need. However there may be a bit of time needed to set it up, but I have used it for several photographers who are not always very computer literate but they soon learn how to add the photos themselves and can write their own descriptions. Categories are easy to set up, and I'm sure you can arrange the categories to open with a large image instead of the default thumbnails, or you can click the first thumbnail and then scroll through the large images by default. You can read all the features to see if it is useful here Gallery3 Features

    There are numerous options around for use in Wordpress which may also suit your customer, but the ones I can comment on are not suited to most of your requirements, but I would suggest Gallery2 or Gallery3 as a good starting point, even if it doesn't fit the 'simple' idea for you, it may well appear simple to your customer, since they don't have to do as much.
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    simple gallery option

    I'm not sure if this will work for you, but your situation sounds similar to what I had to set up for a ciient for his website and I used Jalbum (jalbum dot net). You might want to check that out.

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    thanks for your replies

    Thanks for your suggestions. I'll try them out.

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