This listing is for the web site obscuresound DOT com. All ads are SITE-WIDE. 3000

uniques/day, 18000 impressions/day, very specialized niche, and growing traffic the past

several years. The site has been updating daily since February 2006, has amassed nearly

1000 followers on Twitter, and been mentioned in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Toronto

Star, The Observer (UK), Wired, BBC Radio 1, Stereogum, and VH1′s Best Week Ever (see at the

bottom of this post for links to all of these).

I do not accept affiliate programs at this time, but text links and graphic ads are

available. Feel free to make an offer of your own if you do not find anything you like


In terms of placement, please let me know what you have specifically in mind. Keep in mind,

you are not forced to choose between 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year. If you specify a

different amount of time (such as 3 months, 6 weeks, etc.), I can provide an appropriate

price range.

Here are the current standard rates for approximately 4-6 text links on EVERY PAGE. This is

also equal to a 250x250 or 300x250 image advertisement (animated + flash IS allowed). These

following rates are very negotiable; all ad locations listed below are found on the right

sidebar, visible on every page on

PREMIUM PLACEMENT (above-the-fold placement directly under "Affiliates"; no other ads will

ever be above you)
1 Week - $100
1 Month - $300
6 Months - $1500
1 Year - $2400

UPPER PLACEMENT (the second advertisement on the sidebar; the only ad
above you will be one with premium placement)
1 Week - $45
1 Month - $160
6 Months - $860
1 Year - $1500

MIDDLE PLACEMENT (directly directly below the eMusic ad)
1 Week - $25
1 Month - $70
6 Months - $410
1 Year - $740

LOW PLACEMENT (directly below the 'Music Manifesto' ad)
1 Week - $18
1 Month - $50
6 Months - $220
1 Year - $370

LOWER PLACEMENT (below RSS buttons and above BlogAds)
1 Week - $15
1 Month - $40
6 Months - $160
1 Year - $275

BOTTOM PLACEMENT (below all other ads, but still on every page)
1 Week - $10
1 Month - $35
6 Months - $150
1 Year - $250

Also, if you wish to put one link on ONE single page (Google PageRank up to 3), these are

the negotiable rates:

1 Week - $8
1 Month - $30
6 Months - $140
1 Year - $230

I prefer payments for all transactions to be completed via Paypal, though we can definitely

work something out if you prefer another method.

The 'nofollow' code will NOT be used unless requested otherwise.

If you would like any information regarding the tracking statistics of Obscure Sound,

please let me know.

Thanks again for your interest. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time at

mike AT


Mike Mineo