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Thread: AVReporter help - experiences

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    Question AVReporter help - experiences


    I've red about AVReporter software. Can anybody tell some information?
    I have two questions:
    What is the Basic Reporter module?
    How can I create the average quarter of an hour power calculation from a consumption data using Basic Reporter module?

    Thanks for your answers! I hope someone knows this software!

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    The AVReporter Advanced Edition energy management software package is an everyday tool for the management and the engineers, which enables the handling of large quantity of data, analysis of data, preparation of reports and queries, in an easy and simple user environment.

    The Basic Reporter module is the part of the AVReporter software suite. The Basic Reporter module is a flexible and simple reporting program, that allows you to create user needs tables, charts and other statements.

    In the main window in the other filter options select the calculation of the values of the interval.


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