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Thread: SES San Francisco 2010

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    SES San Francisco 2010

    I just returned from SES San Francisco and have a few observations.
    It seemed to be less well attended than prior years.
    Do you think this is due to the economy or the change in venue?
    I was entertained by Tuesday's keynote, educated by Wednesday's keynote
    and both entertained and educated by Thursday's keynote.
    Gotta admit, Tim Ash never disappoints me.
    If you were there I'd love to hear your observations.
    For me, I'd attend anywhere in Northern California. I like having it at Moscone Center
    but was fine with the San Jose Convention Center.
    What are your feelings about city and/or convention center choice?
    Missing vendors that I would have liked to see were Twitter and Facebook.
    Search Engine Strategies must include social these days and the big guns should have been there.
    Some of the most important benefits of attending were one on one time with Google adwords experts both in the Google booth and chatting with adwords guru Brad Geddes.
    If you were there what were the biggest benefits to you?
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