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Thread: Yahoo ranking problem?

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    Yahoo ranking problem?

    My website is ranking good in Google for some keywords,but not in yahoo.On which factors should now i emphasize for yahoo ranking?Please provide me help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesadam View Post
    Do on-page SEO and work hard on quality inbound links building....
    The OP is asking for information that relates specifically to Yahoo and probably needs more than this general advice that is true for any search engine. Are you aware of any differences that would pertain to Yahoo. Or more correctly to Bing, perhaps, since Bing now powers Yahoo?
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    As Yahoo is now powered by Bing results, you should aim for BING SEO.
    I suppose you should first add your website to Bing webmaster tools.
    Moreover I feel Bing loves MORE links when compared to Google. (of course quality is another factor)

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    I agree with the comment about backlinks and Bing. Seems like somewhere you have to cross a threshold of number of links, and number of domains, before you start getting good results from Bing. I have MUCH better SERPs in google than bing. Which is good since google has so many more searchers.

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    Bing and Yahoo is very strict about linking strategy, spam backlinks, duplicate content issues and they heavily penalize a site for breaching any of their rules.
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    Yahoo SERPs is more able to be spammed. If you increase the keyword density, you will rank better in yahoo, but you will be penalized in Google SERPs. I think, in some way, these search engines are not compatible. Google uses the links, Yahoo uses the content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seo25 View Post
    My website is ranking good in Google for some keywords,but not in yahoo.On which factors should now i emphasize for yahoo ranking?Please provide me help.
    I wonder...if someone can actually have good rankings in Google and not in Yahoo at the same time!!!!...unless the site is blocked for Yahoobot.

    Its really easy to rank well in Yahoo especially if you are using spammable link building techniques like orthodox submissions to directories, spamming forums etc.

    Other ways are, stuff keywords on page...join PPC program by Yahoo etc

    IMO yahoo, bing these are pure marketing companies...they will never be innovators like Google!

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    Yahoo/Bing are definetly slower at SEO and indexing all your pages as well. I recomment you use the Bing Webmaster Tools and focus on content creation and building links - many of them. And submit your XML sitemap often to all 3 search engines...
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