Traditionally e-commerce site owners have had to deal with shopping cart or e-commerce solutions that were not search engine friendly. Those solutions may have been easy for the designer to set up a web site, but they never offered the features that were really needed. Web designers became creatures of habit following what others have done before them.

Tradition puts people into a downward spiral while people that think outside the box move upward. Imagine what the world would be like if the Wright brothers hadn't taken that first flight, or Yuri Gagarin hadn't been the first man in space. Or even Columbus hadn't believed that the world was round.

Traditional thoughts bound us to defeat.

Now, instead of being defeated by a web designer that doesn't understand all the nuances of the World Wide Web, your business can be elevated like never before.

Search engine optimization companies started out of a realization that something had to be done to improve the positioning of web sites in the search engines. They started out proclaiming doorway pages that lead into your site were the best thing since the invention of margarine. Then the search engine optimization companies started developing sites under their control that led to the client web site. Each of these techniques and many more have been fraught with problems and the search engines have come to realize these techniques do not provide the quality page results they want to recommend.

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