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Thread: Promotion through free directories

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    Promotion through free directories

    How to register with sotware without being rejected for not doing it manually?

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    Most good submission software is semi-automatic for a reason. Whilst there are tonnes of directories that are all essentially the same, most of them require different form fields, which is why you have to go through each one manually.

    Rejections, however, can be for any reason. Some directories specifically don't want seo'd keywords in your website title. The best directories are manually editted, so if you spam, keyword-stuff or be underhanded in anyway, they will spot it and refuse entry.

    Also, there are good arguments for not worrying too much about directory submission.
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    I would suggest you to use manually methods because it can look a little spammy and if Google finds it out you can get banned. Some sites get banned because the webmaster was using SEO Tools witch break the Google's rules.
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    Why dont you go for semi automatic tools for submissions. They let you do submission manually but when you reaches the forums for entering data it autocompletes their feilds. IMO thats a good way to do submissions manually.

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    have you got any software names that you use? This manual stuff is a pain in the ..

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    There are good reasons to do it manually, proverbial pain though it may be. I tried automated submissions years ago and in the end, it was clear to me that I wasted my time.
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    If you have time then go for manual submissions.
    If you have money then go for outsourcing.

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    I always do this with DigiXMAS, its a great semi-auto tool. Saves you the trouble.

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    Hey,automatic submissions are also recognized as spam by many search engines and online directories so why take the risk..

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    Manual submission to free directories can take time. But I think that can work in your favor. Because the search engine may "see" the gradual increase of backlinks to your site as natural link building.
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