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Thread: Commission Junction is a Joke and a Scam

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    Thanks for the information. I was thinking about utilizing Commission Junction. Now I will be looking at other options.

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    I don't think they are a scam, just that when you end up with a complain they like to push their weight around, but most of the time they pay up, even if they then terminate your account

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    Thank you for so eloquently and verbally saying the things that I could never figure out how to say. Dude, it pissed me off so much... So much hard work linking to them, losing potential revenue because I was using such a crappy website, that didn't even pay up when pay day came. God... I hope this doesn't count as advertisement, but I've been using recently, and I've been getting good results. They do PayPal or check in the mail (so much more convenient), they don't have a transaction fee, and they do it every 15th and 30th... Plus, they're nice and small, so they actually respond to your support requests.

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    I've tried CJ and I don't like them either. I've had far better luck with Share-a-Sale. CJ never seemed like they tracked clicks accurately. Using the same site with SAS I've made some pretty decent money, with CJ not one sale ever. I've also found that many of the merchants on CJ deny applications and won't reply if contacted as to why they rejected an application. I kept reading good things about CJ and they do have a lot of merchants but I don't like them personally.
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    I work with cj only for an year and did not really much developed it.
    I made only 20$ since then, no cashed checks yet.

    Still if you make more money with Adsense then with cj. ... well this is a business as well.
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    I have never been a fan of CJ. has always been my first go to affiliate network followed by
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    Quote Originally Posted by whipnet View Post
    from 2005-2010, I have made $50,000 some odd dollars from Adsense that run on the exact same pages.*
    wth, you made 50k? i just became you official stalker!

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    wow, and I thought it was just me who never made money with thee guys. I had a similar issue a few years back so I don';t bother with a lot of these affiliate stuff anymore. I prefer to market on my own.

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    CJ try to charge advertisers 5000 setup fee plus 200 a month plus 30% commision on commision so would think they could afford to pay out.

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    Commission Junction scam

    We also had about $30 in commissions stolen from us by Commission Junction. Not a lot of money, sure, but if they do that to thousands of people, it adds up! What happened was that unknown to us, they marked our account as "dormant", saying that we had not had a sale in 6 months. Maybe that is true, but they never notified us that our account had gone "dormant", and without any notification whatsoever, starting deducting $10 per month for some type of fee until all of the money was gone, then deactivated our account, again without any notification to us. In the meantime, we continued to promote their links, and made at least 2 commissionable sales, which we were not credited for. Probably CJ got the commissions from the client and just kept them for themselves, since the sales were made through an affiliate link.
    Bottom line is, do not trust Commission Junction - it is little more than a scam and a huge waste of your time and effort.

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