Hi, I have hardly posted on these board before, so be gentle with me :)

Right, some smart @ss thought it would be a good idea to use my domain (not my ISP) email in newsgroups. Like, as many of you no doubt, I receive tos of spam each day, and its getting rediculous. Not to mention the virus emails as well!

I live in United Kingdom, and read that sending/receiving spam wont be illegal (that might be a wrong word for it) until 2005.

So I'm wondering if there's something I can do, like report it - without me using a different email address and block my existing one (which is complicated, as all my business correspondance (paypal, advertisers, etc) use this address), or am I stuck for life lol.
My host company hasn't that a good of spam control on their control-panels, and I do not use Outlook Express (need I say why? :P ) to use its filters. I use FoxMail (not the best of choice I know).

Any views?