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Thread: Quick Yahoo Top Page Inclusion for Blog

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    Quick Yahoo Top Page Inclusion for Blog

    In early April when the mesothelioma $100 a click story broke in the Wall Street Journal I wrote a piece for Tech Central Station. As part of that story I set up a blog called Mesothelioma Attorney at blogspot and put ad sense on. I submitted it to Yahoo! and Google on the same day and have been updating it since.

    It took exactly ten days for Yahoo! to put the blog #10 on the top page for the search "mesothelomia attorney".

    Which suggests two things: first, Yahoo is paying attention and its free submission is worth doing. Second, it is looking for fresh content.

    So far nothing from Google.

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    In the spirit of fair disclosure, you might mention your post on April 12, 2004 on your blog: site encouraging other blogger's to link to your page. It might have had a lot to do with helping propel that fast rise to the top in Yahoo.

    I am trying a little spider attracting experiment over at my personal blog. If you have a blog it would be great for the experiment if you linked to my Mesothelioma post. And if you see the magic word, Mesothelioma, give it a whack.

    posted by jc # 1:54 AM
    I've been studying blogs being listed in the search engines, and find this most interesting. Do you know how many other sites linked to your post?

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    So far a I know only two blogs put up a link. However, both of those were links inside posts and those seem to help.

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