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Thread: Online Shopping Mall, Boise Idaho:

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    Online Shopping Mall, Boise Idaho:

    We are busy getting ready for the holidays and would like to request some feedback from some web pros.

    Please review "its more than just shopping"

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    Visit the Boise Online Mall - It's more than just Shopping!

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    Nicely done! Excellent content management. Good use of Flash for the advertising elements and page headers. However, it's a bit irritating and unnecessarily distracting that your masthead animation repeats on each and every page. Once on the home page would be sufficient. Thereafter, a static image (GIF) would be just fine.

    If you offer a link to a map, it should always open a new browser window (target="_blank"). In fact, any link to an external URL should open a new window. Once they're gone, you risk losing them forever.

    There's an oddity about the way Mozilla and Netscape render the table area containing the background image (titlebg.gif) and the navigational image maps. If you're developmental browser preference is IE or Opera, you won't notice the peculiarity. I always heard that it was recommended that the USEMAP attribute be used along with ISMAP attribute, because ISMAP has wider historical support. Because of all the problems associated with image maps, I'm convinced that it's best to provide an alternative navigation method. Well, I guess if ISMAP is incorporated, you very nearly have to have an another nav method. Okay, I'll tell you what I really think: top level navigation should never be in the form of an image map.
    Stew P.
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    Great site... I found only one or two things on which I would like to comment..
    1. The flash links on the right side of the page are very distracting.
    2. You really need to have someone proof your text.. you need some punctuation. and I found the following sentence to be somewhat redundant..

    "Online shopping is fun while shopping online at Boise’s online shopping mall".

    You have used the word "shopping" 3 times in one senctence... a bit much, wouldn't you say?
    Mary Ann
    Affordable Websites Designed - Hidden Content

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