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  1. Re: Converting Every Visitor into Subscriber

    Of course it's tricky. Once someone visits your site, your content is all she has to interact with. Promotion is over once she makes it to your site. Now, the problem is conversion.
  2. Re: The More You Learn, The More You Earn (And Silly Mistakes Of Highly Paid CEO's)

    I suppose a company like Apple can serve as an exception, since, for the longest time they've been marketing their stuff and marking them at boutique prices. Perhaps eBay tried to do the same?
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    Re: Where to submit articles?

    Sometimes it may be better to hire writers to spin articles for you instead of relying on such programs. It is said that a good writer has a certain 'voice,' or choice of words and pacing. If so,...
  4. Re: Top 100 Internet Marketing Mistakes

    The 'wrong' things for web designers and SEO people might not be so 'wrong' for people who get tricked into visiting those sites and buying from them. I have always hated one page sites peppered with...
  5. Sticky: Re: An Easy Way To Drive Traffic To Your Site

    A question about the source of good raw articles to be used for spinning, where do you get them? Which article directories contain the most well-written articles?
  6. Sticky: Re: eMail Marketing Glossary/Definitions

    Using software to track, list, and send to email addresses online can get your email address getting listed as a spam source.
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