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    Thanks for such a succinct and accurate...

    Thanks for such a succinct and accurate statement. There isn't a single disadvantage to participating in their network of Authority and Trust, and clear real-world advantages readily visible in Page...
  2. Well somebody must be using DuckDuckGo for search...

    Well somebody must be using DuckDuckGo for search cuz I do see occasional hits in my StatCounter logs. (Something I can't say for Blekko...) It's kinda sad that alternative search engines just can't...
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    Re: How Do I Create a Link in My Signature?

    Well I'm not seeing your Sig here - nor in my published posts. It seems (and this is common at many forums) that you sometimes have to rise in status and make X-number of posts here before the...
  4. Re: How to optimize site according to MSN algorithm ?

    Here's a good tip for getting click-thru from the new Bing Search: Bing now has a POP-UP to the right of your listing in search results. LOOK CLOSELY at the sections of text they grab there Normally...
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    Re: creating blogs for outbound links

    That's the point I was trying to make: THE SPEED AT WHICH YOU CAN GET A NEW SITE INDEXED using key blogs like Blogger/wordpress/LiveJournal. If and what you do with them after that is up to you.
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    Re: Links - How many is to many

    There really is some sort of 'true-ism' - Whether quantity or quality, the one with the mostest and/or bestest backlinks wins.

    The real art is learning WHICH backlinks actually work for YOU. Site...
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    Re: How Much Traffic Comes From Page One?

    How much traffic or conversion comes from the gawd-almighty Page One depends on how well you match and speak to prospect's interests and needs - not on vain SEO egos and tactics, or how effectively...
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    Re: New Microsoft Search Engine

    I already like the Categorical breakdown of Related Searches in the sidebar. I'm also fond of the pop-up preview on the right-side of result listings. It can give a very good sense of whether you...
  9. Re: My wesite is ranking in yahoo but not ranking in others

    Years into this I still do not 'GET' what it takes to get and keep Yahoo love. Am I just being paranoid but if and when Google starts to adore you -- Yahoo will drop you like an unfaithful lover?
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    Re: Signature links at the forums

    TIP: I find setting up and using GOOGLE ALERTS to be exceptionally helpful in finding, say, Mac computer related Forums or Apple gadget Blogs that ARE on-topic and provide better opportunities to add...
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    Re: How do I get US traffic?

    This is a good question, since some income earning affiliate opportunities are very country specific. I too am dismayed at times how international my site visitors are. Unfortunately a lot of my very...
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    Re: creating blogs for outbound links

    Setting up a few simple blogs at the big free sites like Live Journal, Blogspot, wordpress is a proven way to get new sites spidered and indexed quickly. It could be good for your site - and your...
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