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  1. Sticky: Re: Google Update, PageRank, Backlink Information

    I have noticed that pagerank is being updated far more than it used too. In fact it happens probably every two months-ish from what i can see. post of it is just visual and does not really indicate...
  2. Re: Capitalisation - What the hell ?

    sorry do it without "" I added that so you could see that it was the keyword phrase !!
  3. Capitalisation - What the hell ?

    Hi all,
    its been a long time since I have been on here, but had to share this with everyone.
    I have recently made a new page on an old domain to see how high i can get up for a specific term. I...
  4. Re: Aaron Wall gets special treatment from Google?

    sub domains have lost al creditability ! some sneak through, but i would not advise it. Do the etical thing and work on content, quality at that, whats the point of being underhand it just will catch...
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    Re: The Google Yoyo???

    I too have also noticed this. I work for a large directory company and we notice contiual fluctuations. We have over 20.000 websites and we noticed this about 6 weeks ago. Things have started to...
  6. Re: Google Algorithm, PR update June/July 2008

    Now then Inertia,
    we look over 30.000 sites and track them all so we notice things very quickly. It seems that it is a yo-yo affect at the mo with many sites. We have also noticed that Google is...
  7. Re: Google Algorithm, PR update June/July 2008

    I have sussed what it is, its all our directories are closely linked to all the sites that we sell and now we have added a nofollow link to all external links. Saying that the small sites will have a...
  8. Google Algorithm, PR update June/July 2008

    Has anyone noticed that google is well underway with a new SERP's algorithm update??

    I have been hunting all day and not seen too many articles that can tell me what is going on.....:-(

    I work...
  9. Sticky: Re: Google Update, PageRank, Backlink Information

    sorry john ill setup a new one !
  10. Sticky: Re: Google Update, PageRank, Backlink Information

    I work full time for a UK directory company and we have noticed huge fluctuations in the rankings of many of the 16000 sites that we look after. Our web directories are all fine and have not been...
  11. Re: Where has my website gone in Google?

    HA HA miss type.... sorry readers. I would say over 100 main factors that have weight assigned to how a page ranks. A lot is what i am getting at.
  12. Re: Where has my website gone in Google?

    HAve you made a sitemap and submitted it to google webmaster tools?

    This is a great way to get all you pages noticed by google ? if not go to: sign...
  13. Re: Where has my website gone in Google?

    Sandbox Effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This is a good start. It makes sense that if you change your hosting server on frequent occasions would cause a flag, as Google as an example...
  14. Re: Where has my website gone in Google?

    This article will help you understand:’s-indexing-process-everflux/
  15. Re: Google Consultant - Lee Johnson SEO

    sorry i'm miss understood. Im adding 10 new pages al with a minimum of 300 words on each explaining my SEO MOT and what i look for and what i report on. With regard the amount o content its still in...
  16. Re: Google Consultant - Lee Johnson SEO

    Much appreciated. I now have a content writer so ill be adding over 300o words of text (10) new pages over the weekend. the site does well for the search terms im looking for. e.g. google consultant...
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    Re: The "nofollow" tag

    thanks kgun ill have a look now. Im really interested in the nofollow side of things, much appreciated.
  18. Google Consultant - Lee Johnson SEO

    I would love someone to look over my site as you can get blinded when its your own site. any help would be apprecited. Im sure there could be spelling mistakes as im the worst copywriter I know, well...
  19. Re: Software Programming, Computers PR4 link exchange

    why do you want reciprocal links? I would not discount them totally but its more important to get one way inbound links. reciprocal looks very un-natural to Google, I would suggest that you link one...
  20. Re: Do you use software to submit your site?

    NO NO NO NO NO !!
    dont ever do an automated service. It just kiils your chance. Go to
    enter your domain. then never do it again.
    I would personally get an account with...
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    Sticky: Re: Optimizing Tips for MSN

    Why would anyone optimise for MSN or Live?
    Everyone should be looking for SERP's results in Google and Google only. Google is the one all others look to be like. Get it right in google and you wont...
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    Sticky: Re: New Web Directories

    Thanks for the links but all are by the same company. Im sure that if you are placed on one they are all networked together. Thanks for the list though. Ill keep an eye on them to see how they rank....
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    Sticky: Re: Canonicalization Prevention Guide

    great post. Very useful for a client I have. I have gone into the site and used full domain to homepage rather than .index.html. But adding the code into the htaccess file is a great backup....
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    Re: The "nofollow" tag

    Im in the process of testing an orphan page to see if a title tag on a nofollow link will make a page get found for the term in the title tag. There is no links to the orphan page apart from 3...
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