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  1. The purpose of the image tag is so that when...

    The purpose of the image tag is so that when computers that cannot view your images land on your site, they have a general idea of what the image was about. So if your image is of a Lamborghini then...
  2. Stumble upon as you guys have mentioned can...

    Stumble upon as you guys have mentioned can generate traffic but it often is not targeted. I think sites where views count like your you tube videos and your articles on article directories are the...
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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    Hi, Just dropped in to check on your progress.

    I have started a new blog with the hopes of trying for the $3000 per month on it. What I am doing is posting content every few days to the blog. I...
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    Re: How to Improve Google PR of my Blog

    You have gone and done it :shock:

    Again proving that PR and traffic are two separate concepts

    Your traffic is up, hopefully your conversions are up

    Why do I think 'forget about PR'?...
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    Re: how much do you earn from adsense

    I don't think there are any secrets to earning with adsense

    lots of pages, lots of traffic and decent niche

    I think the problem with adsense is the amount of work that goes into creating the...
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    Re: Why the adsense unit price become cheaper?

    It's not so much that the adsense units are getting cheaper, you need to understand that different links have different cost per click so it depends on which link your visitor clicked on

    Also if...
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    Re: Benefits of long tail keywords?

    The main advantage is they are easier to optimize for and the traffic often is more targetted. The down side is your market is a little smaller than it could be
  8. re: This One "Filthy" SEO Tactic Generates Free Daily Leads

    Angela Edwards is an internet marketer whose area of expertise seems to be getting do follow backlinks to your website. She sells a monthly package of websites you can post your URL to and also adds...
  9. Thread: #1 but .......

    by Niche

    Re: #1 but .......

    I am not sure what relevance your current listing has

    If you accidentally rank for a keyword related to your disclaimer, what type of traffic is it bringing in. Doesn't sound like targeted traffic...
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    Re: Best Ways To Get Traffic

    These methods will get you an average amount of traffic and interestingly enough, none of the methods actually help generate long term traffic

    What's wrong with good old search engine optimization?
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    Re: Inbound Links - PR0 Page on PR5 Site?

    The link juice from a webpage is just that. If the page is PR0 then that's hwat you are getting juice from

    I wouldn't be too fussy about it though. Looking at the sites that rank for really...
  12. re: This One "Filthy" SEO Tactic Generates Free Daily Leads

    Not really new. Nor is it particularly dirty

    However as you said, it's important to make sure you actually have something useful to add to the conversation or it will be perceived as spamming....
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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    It may be difficult but it can be achieved. Don't lose hope or throw in the towel

    On my sites, search engine traffic comverts best for adsense. I'd focus on search engine traffic. I know it takes...
  14. Re: Google dropped my site for all my keywords almost overnight

    Classic :rolleyes:

    More seriously though you may have incurred a google penalty. Some people do not believe this exists but a year ago I incurred the minus 60 penalty on one of my websites. Dropd...
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    Re: The $3000 per month Google Adsense Project...

    Again a really interesting thread. Some areas got a little icky and personal but overall a really good thread

    I do this part time and getting $300 a month does not take too much of an effort. Not...
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    Re: $20 to $1000 per month in Google adsense

    Perhaps the aim should be to go from $20 a day to $40 a day.

    Oops sorry just realized you said a month

    I am surprised that an article website is struggling for adsense income. How many pages do...
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    Re: Load Time And SEO

    I have seen this cropping up again and again recently. SOme people believe that google is jigging the algorithm to include load time as a criterion. Makes sense to me if it's the user experience that...
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    Re: AdSense Effects Site Rankings Negatively?

    Adsense does not adversely affect your rankings. But cookie cutter sties do.
    Initially when a site is launched it often gets pretty good rankings for a few days or even weeks if you are lucky. But...
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    Re: Does Anything Work For SEO Anymore?

    I don't think you are doing anything wrong
    It's just that the SEO techniques are out there and everyone and his dog is implementing them. This means that the man that wins the day is the one with...
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    Re: Is rel="nofollow" killing search results?

    I am also interested in the answer to this one.

    Because if what we are told is true, on a page with 10 outbound links and only one of this is do follow, the do follow link only carries 1/10 of...
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    Re: Affiliate program for backlinks

    There are a few products at clickbank on getting backlinks.
  22. Thread: Reciprical links

    by Niche

    Poll: Re: Reciprical links

    Problem with the poll is the options given. I for one do not use reciprocal links simply because I think there are bettter ways of getting backlinks. I don't hink it hurts but I don't think they are...
  23. Re: I'm new and want to help and hope to be helped.

    Hi Heather
    I think I saw your post on a couple of other forums.
    All I can do is encourage you to participate and read some of the content here. Some really useful pointers

    good luck
  24. Re: Google doesnít use the keywords meta tag in web search?

    This is not the only forum that I have come across this today. This has been around for a few years so Not sure why it's making 'headlines' today
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    Re: How often do you check your adsense earnings?

    I check mine obsessively. Great to see the numbers going up. I really need to spend the time doing more productive things like content creation or something
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