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    As you build content over the years with a...

    As you build content over the years with a consistent plan to grow it, this will be a small problem for you in the grand scheme of things. Maybe disavow some links, but then get busy making a site...
  2. It's a complex company with good things and bad...

    It's a complex company with good things and bad things and everything in between. :) Many people outside of Google benefit from what google has done and ignoring that is a little short sighted.
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    I actually like it. It is very readable, and for...

    I actually like it. It is very readable, and for this type of site that is very important. If I were you I would make the content area for the articles a little wider and then have a nice sidebar...
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    I sometimes wonder what the value of such a...

    I sometimes wonder what the value of such a directory would be if they have no editorial review. Matt Cutts pretty much says this is a "no no"...
  5. I believe google may be doing some traffic...

    I believe google may be doing some traffic throttling based on some factors like pagerank or trustrank.
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    They are probably just reindexing. I have seen...

    They are probably just reindexing. I have seen this happen at least a dozen times. If the numbers don't come back up in a few days, then I would say there is significant event here.
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    phpLD 4.1 Released

    Our previous 4.0 release brought you widgets, and 4.1 will surely prove even more exciting, putting more power into your hands than ever before. It has been our continuing goal to provide a script...
  8. I would expect this to be in the courts for years...

    I would expect this to be in the courts for years before something like this would happen. Google also is present in many countries, and they would have the ability to continue to deliver the best...
  9. Sorry, as it seems external links are not allowed...

    Sorry, as it seems external links are not allowed on the forum, and I understand having rules like this. We are pretty tight on our forum too.
    Searching for ...
    Largest SEO Company in India
  10. Biggest SEO Company in India: I was their first customer!

    It just so happens that I was their very first customer in 2004, and now the owner refers to me as his "Guru". Biggest SEO Company in India

    I met Annada back in 2004, and suggested he might want...
  11. Re: Can Google Tell It's A Cross-Post VS Multiple Submissions To Article Directories?

    When I add content online, I try to always think in terms of how that content will produce traffic. I think sometimes people get spread to thin submitting content to sites that don't produce. You...
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    Re: New to ecommerce - Any advice

    I would think carefully about the platform. It sounds like you have a lot of experience with the microsoft products, and you might be able to study another popular product on the web, and simply...
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    Re: The frequency of page refresh

    I think there should be some relationship between how many users read your site and how often you update. One of the main reasons for content is the people who read it. If you are increasing...
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    Re: Is this a "No No"?

    In situation like this, I have found that site2 will get 20% of the traffic that site1 gets at best, and when it comes to monetization, site2 will get 5% of what site1 gets at best. So I agree that...
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    Re: Finding and Removing Links to Parked Domains

    Yes, I run Xenu link sleuth on the phpLD forums every couple of months to find dead links, and I try to click through some links too to find parked domains, but with almost 200,000 posts I'm sure to...
  16. Re: Bandwidth/Hard Drive Minimum should Look for?

    It is most often CPU cycles and memory constraints that affect hosting long before memory or bandwidth. Ask your potential hosts about CPU cycles and memory usage allowance to really get a better...
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    Finding and Removing Links to Parked Domains

    One problem I have found when trying to find and remove dead links is often they aren't really dead! Instead they are sitting on parked pages. Are there any methods for identifying and removing links...
  18. Re: SEO Tip For Getting Top Ten Results In The Search Engines

    It scares me a little when I think about people spending more time on social sites rather than their own website. Could we reach a point one day where personalized sites no longer exist, and...
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    Re: What would be a proper link to landing page

    Worth noting that you can also later permanently redirect your homepage to another url and the pagerank will display in a few days. We did this with the homepage of phpLD.
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    Re: Custom Website or Template

    There are lots of ugly shopping carts that make good money, so the look of your template is not necessarily going to make or break you. My advice to most people is to find ways to directly engage...
  21. Re: Warning : Social Networking may be Hazardous to your anonymity

    I think you have some policies in place if you want to heighten your anonymity including:
    1. Setting up a business account for paying bills
    2. Using a PO Box
    3. Setting up a phone number that you...
  22. Re: Shared server PHP security and new functionality.

    cURL has gotten a lot better in terms of support and usage, and we use it all the time on phpLD. I would not be as fast to use the other functions that may indeed be depreciated.
  23. Re: How do you keep rss feed file sizes down, do you cache?

    Absolutely you should limit the size of individual requests. Also, services like feedburner were created for the very purpose of handling volume.
  24. Re: SEO Is Going Local - Locality Matters More In Search

    I've seen lots of successful local directories of late too. Increasingly, google maps is a deliverer of traffic too, and it is important to recognize those maps can reside inside apps on all sorts of...
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    Re: Wiki platforms?

    I'll have to say I have seen few if any big sites running off wikis, except where there was massive customization. I think you almost have to plan on customization. that is why I am developing my own...
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