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05-26-2008, 06:03 PM
domain name registration scam "Shanghai ChuK Network Information Technology Co., Ltd"

II got the following scam email for one of the domains I manage. This was sent
to: [EMAIL PROTECTED] which you can only
get by crawling the web site as it does not appear anywhere else.
I think there is a US law against someone trying to register your domain name
when it is an obvious scam. Anyone else getting
emails like this? I have the original header and all the information about the
email. Is there a place to file a complaint?
From: michael [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Friday, May 09, 2008 6:43 PM
To: sales
Subject: stratfordsoftware for domain name
Dear stratfordsoftware:
We are Shanghai ChuK Network Information Technology Co., Ltd, which is the
domain name register center in China. I have something
need to confirm with you.
We have received an application formally, one company named "Rongda (China)
Investment Co.,Ltd" applies for the domain
names(www.stratfordsoftware.cn,www.stratfordsoftwa re.com.cn,etc (http://www.stratfordsoftware.cn,www.stratfordsoftware.com .cn,etc).) ,and the
Internet keyword(stratfordsoftware)on the internet May
09, 2008. We need to know the opinion of your company because the domain names
and keyword may relate to the copyright of brand
name on internet.
we would like to get the affirmation of your company, please contact us by
telephone or email as soon as possible.
Kind Regards,
Michael Chen
Tel: +86-21-62416070
Fax: +86-21-62597835
Shanghai ChuK Network Information Technology Co., Ltd
website: www.chuk.com.cn

Application notice of .asia domain name : PinoyMoneyTalk.com (http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/2008/05/17/dot-asia-domain-name/)

05-26-2008, 06:10 PM
Domain name scam nostalgia
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 15:25:40 +0800 (CST)
From: “karl.kang”
To: “dan”
Subject: About the domain names of dansdata
Dear sir,
We are SQL Network Information Technology Co., Ltd, a domain name register organization in China.We have something urgent need to confirm with your company. Because we formally received an application from a company named Sai Bo (China) Investment company.They are applying to register and so on as internet brand name”dansdata”and CN domain name“dansdata.cn /.com.cn /.net.cn /.org.cn” through us.Now we are in charge of this matter .In order to keep other party from using these domain names,hope to get your confirmation about these domain namesregistration asap.
Please let someone in your company who is responsible for information management contact us as soon as possible.
Tel: +86-21-51750304
Fax: +86-21-51750301
Email: Karl.kang@govnic.org.cn Karl@govnic.org.cn
Web: www.govnic.org.cn (http://www.govnic.org.cn)
SQL Network Information Technology Co., Ltd
Room A601, Block 2,ShanghaiWithub White-cat Science Park No.641 TianshanRoad ,Shanghai,China
This message would have been entertaining if all it did was alert me to the fact that there exists in China a place called “Shanghai Withub White-Cat Science Park”, but it also provided some wonderful nostalgia.
There is, of course, very probably no actual company trying to register dansdata.cn. Even if there were, I wouldn’t care; I don’t need to cover every possible variation of my domain name, since everybody knows where Dan’s Data is already and dansdata.cn wouldn’t fool anybody unless it copied all of my content. Which you could do just as easily with some other domain.
This is a scam, and an old and hoary one. The FTC’s been shutting down similar scammers in the States since at least 2001. In the olden days, they at least sent you a paper invoice; what’s up with this cheapskate e-mail crap?
Even if I did want to register .cn names, there are plenty of places to do that which’re certain to be better than the awfully official-sounding “SQL Network Information Technology” govnic.org.cn site. I note that govnic.org.cn doesn’t even tell you what it’ll cost to register a domain. The going rate for non-Chinese is actually less than $US30 for a year - and Chinese citizens can apparently register domains for one yuan!.
The SQL Etcetera site is also a rich fount of Chinglish, including some magnificently incomprehensible press releases.
The only other mention I can find for SQL on the Web (this SQL, not the real SQL) is on this Indonesian site, where they apparently filled out the Web complaint form with a copy of the come-on they sent to me.
Update: Here’s a mention of them from a few years ago, when they were calling themselves “Shanghai Squile Network Information & Technology Co., Ltd”.
I’d think about this more, but it’s making my brain hurt.

How To Spot A Psychopath :: Domain name scam nostalgia :: June :: 2007 (http://dansdata.blogsome.com/2007/06/20/domain-name-scam-nostalgia/)

05-26-2008, 06:12 PM
The domain name registration scam
I just got an email from my colleague in Beijing who was a bit in a panic, because he got an email claiming that somebody else was claiming domain names that trademark would be very important for us in the future. Since I have seen passing by this scam already four, five times, I could tell him this was a fake-company trying to earn some money for registering domain names. Here is a link to some additional funny stories.
The email refers to all kind of non-existing government departments (govnic, the development center of the state commission office for public sector reform in Shanghai) and it is of course very urgent. It was very hard to convince my colleague.
Now we have registered them ourselves. A few minutes time for three domain names we claimed them for one year. Costs: one Renminbi per domain name, per year. Even when the extensions of domain names expand again next your, you should be able to pay for that.
I repeat this rather marginal "trademark infringement" scam here, so other who scan the internet might have an easier time to discover this is a very old trick.
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China Herald: The domain name registration scam (http://www.chinaherald.net/2007/05/domain-name-registration-scam.html)

05-26-2008, 06:15 PM
CNNIC exposed scammer registrar

I am an registrar censor in China, I hate to agree that there are so many bad behavior registrars in China deploying scam strategy. I hereby attach the latest news from CNNIC and HKZC news center for you as below.
CNNIC exposed scammer registrar
For the sake of protecting users’ rights and interests, improving users’ experience, fostering continuable development of the industry, Chinese registration service providers of Internet Address resources signed Industrial Self Regulation Memorandum for Registration Service Providers of Internet Address resources in 24th July, 2007 and started to provide their services in a self regulated manner. The number of signed entities has exceeded 230 covering 31 provinces, cities and municipal regions by now.

Despite the improvement of majority’s service level, a few of entities continued to work against users’ rights and interests. As the supervisor of the memorandum, CNNIC cooperated with Beijing HKZC Network, the most famous domain registration censor organization and domain dispute solutions provider, verified following 65 entities that broke the rules up to 31st Jan, 2008.

Enterprises exposed this time:
ShangHai ZhengXiao Network Technology Co.Ltd www.worldregistry.cn
hanghai Luhao Internet Service Co.,Ltd ùر (http://www.govisp.cn)
Shanghai NianBang Network Technology Co.,Ltd www.nianbang.com
Shanghai Jinyue Network technology Co., Ltd (http://www.chinakj.cn)
Suzhou Huayan Network Technology
Xiamen Wuxiang Network Technolgoy Co., Ltd վͨ (http://www.zgwx.cc)
Xiamen gouge Network Technology Co., Ltd www.govzg.cn
Xiamen Huitong Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd ͨ--Ƶϵͳ|Ƶϵͳ|Ƶ鷽|Żͨ ¿Ƽ޹˾ (http://www.huitom.com)
Xiamen Zhongyitong Netwrok Services Co., Ltd ͨ޹˾----վ衡עᡡֻ ׼桡վƹ ҵ (http://www.zytnet.cn)
Xiamen Zhongshitong Network Services Co., Ltd www.zstgov.cn
Xiamen Liwang Netwrok Technology Co., Ltd йעҵṩ-й(www.lwcom.net) (http://www.lwcom.net)
Xiamen Yixiang Technology Co., Ltd) www.easythink.cn
Xiamen Yucheng Technology Co.,Ltd ע||ҵʾ|վ|վƹ|m obiע--ǿƼ޹˾ (http://www.xmym.cn)
Beijing Century Jialan Kemao development Co., Ltd
Shanghai Huiming Network technology Co., Ltd. google|googleͶ|googleƹ|google|go ogleרҵ|רҵgoogleƹר- (http://www.weo.com.cn)
Nanning wangku computer information services, Co.,Ltd
Xiamen Eso Technology Co., Ltd. :::::һѿƼ޹˾::::: (http://www.xmeso.com)
Xiamen Zhongqilian Network Service Co., Ltd. ﵺֲ (http://www.xmzql.cn)
Xiamen Xinyitong Network Technology Co., Ltd. ͨƼ޹˾-googleƹ-yahooƹ--ַͨ-ע-վ--ҵʾ (http://www.xmgoogle.cn)
Shanghai Squil Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. ùر (http://www.squil.com.cn)
Xiamen Hongwang Technology Co., Ltd. Site Not Found (http://www.8ii.com.cn)
Suzhou CPNIC Digital Technology Co., Ltd ˹Ƽ޹˾--ע|ʵ||ҵʾ|վ߻|ҵ ʾ|й (http://www.chinaprince.cn)
Xiamen Mingwan Network Technology Co., Ltd. zgxmmw.com (http://www.zgxmmw.com)
Xiamen Cnnzc.com.cn Network Technology Co., Ltd. гϢ޹˾||ע|ҵʾ ||վƹ|վ (http://www.cnnzc.com.cn)
Xiamen Qixin Network Technology Co., Ltd. www.xmql.cn
Xiamen Mingyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. www.xmmingyi.com
Quanzhou Xinke Information Technology Co., Ltd. www.singco.net
Xiamen Aodi Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Shangqiao Technology Co., Ltd. ſƼ޹˾ (http://www.sqok.cn)
Xiamen Zhongwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. www.zwnic.cn
Xiamen Xingwang Huyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. www.chinahuyi.net
Yunan Domain Name Registration Center ϻע| |IZOҵ̨Ӫ|ʡ˲Ƹ |ҵվ輰Ʒƹ|ÿˢ|紫 |ַͨ|CN|ҵ||Ϲ˾| ˾|13100316288||йϢ|6434 (http://www.gxisc.cn)
Xiamen Xingwanglian Technology Co., Ltd. վڽ (http://www.china-inter.net)
Xiamen Zhongqitong Technology Co., Ltd. www.xmzqt.com
Xiamen Jinshichuang Technology Co., Ltd. ӴƼŽӴƼ޹˾ӴƼ ˾ŽӴƼעᣬ googleƹ㣬վ裬վƹ (http://www.jsccn.cn)
Hong Kong Zhongke Group Co., Ltd. www.ispgov.cn/index.asp
Xiamen Wuji Technology Co., Ltd. www.xmwuji.net
Suzhou Mingyan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Zhongxin Wanglian Technology Co., Ltd. www.zxnet.net.cn
Xiamen Shuanglian Technology Co., Ltd. й-Googleƹ|YahooӢƹ|ע||ҵʾ |վ| (http://www.cn35.cn)
Xiamen Baihang Technology Co., Ltd. ٺƼ--ע|ʵ||ҵʾ|վ߻|ҵ ʾ|й (http://www.idcno1.com)
Xiamen Guoheng Internet Service Co., Ltd.
Shanghai IDC Network Information & Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Hua’ao Technology Co., Ltd. Ż¿Ƽ޹˾*–*ע||ҵʾ| վ|վƹ|--¿Ƽ (http://www.xmhuao.cn)
Xiamen Hongyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. www.xmhongyi.cn
Xiamen Zhongwan Network Technology Co., Ltd. йעҵṩ-(www.zwwcn.com) (http://www.zwwcn.com)
Nanjing Subsidiary of Shanghai Jinkai Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Zhonging Texun Technology Co., Ltd. վѱر (http://www.cetx.com.cn)
Shanghai Longyu information technology co., Ltd NanTong LongYuInformation Technology Co.,Ltd (http://www.longyu.org.cn)
Xiamen Yibai Technology Co., Ltd. www.yi100.com.cn
Xiamen Zhongdi Network Technology Co., Ltd. www.xmzd.com.cn
Xiamen Wanwanglian Technology Co., Ltd. Ƽ޹˾www.chinawwl.cn (http://www.chinawwl.net)
Xiamen Huiwang Technology Co., Ltd. ƼŻƼ޹˾Ƽ޹˾ ŻƼעᣬgoogle ƹ㣬վ裬վƹ (http://www.nethw.com)
Xiamen Liandong Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. Ƽ޹˾ռ䡢 ʾ֡վ (http://www.mtell.cn)
Xiamen Wangluo Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. www.wlochina.com
Xiamen Yiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. ԪƼ޹˾-רҵṩYahooƹ㡢Googleƹ㡢ҵվ衢 עᡢעᡢá רҵ___ҳ (http://www.101688.cn)
Xiamen Xunbai Network Technology Co., Ltd. ѶƼ޹˾ (http://www.xunbai.net)
Xiamen Xingwan Network Technology Co., Ltd. Ƽ޹˾ -- עᡢעᡢַҵ䡢վ 㡢Ӫվ衢 (http://www.xingwan.net)
Guangzhou Zhonghu Network Technology Co., Ltd. л (http://www.zhonghu.net.cn)
Xiamen Xunheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. www.zgxmxh.cn
Xiamen Huaqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. www.35nic.net
Fuzhou Guoheng Internet Service Co., Ltd. 㻥޹˾ (http://www.cannic.net/)
Xiamen Zhongqingtong Network Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.netzqt.cn/
Xiamen Yiheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. ׺ (http://www.me114.cn)
Xiamen Longshang Network Technology Service Co., Ltd --վ|Googleƹ|Yahooƹ||ע |ҵʾ|ҳ|ҳ|ƹ|վ |ȸй|Żй (http://www.xm-ls.com)
Xiamen Zhongzhi Technology Co., Ltd. ֪Ƽ޹˾ ֪ (http://www.inipr.cn/)
Shanghai Luhao Network Service Co., Ltd. ùر (http://www.govisp.cn/index.htm)

To standardize address resource registration service is one of important tasks led by MII and a consensus among users and registrars. As the supervisor of the memorandum, CNNIC encourages users to raise their complaint towards entities that may disobey memorandum through hot line 010-58813000-2 and Email jiandu@cnnic.cn or haze.chan@bj-hk.com CNNIC and HKZC will continue to update the blacklist and report to relevant upper management. If you really need protect you domains by registering, email HKZC at hc@bjhkzc.cn or contact HKZC Managing Director Haze Chan directly at haze.chan@hotmail.com or +86-(0)10-82772510 ext.605 and ask for professional advice and assistance.

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