View Full Version : Axoy.com - Prime, Pronounceable 4 character .com domain name with traffic

12-24-2007, 08:28 PM
Axoy.com is a perfectly brandable .com. Short, snappy and easily-pronouncable.

Begins with the letter 'a' which means it gets to the very top of most directories.

Domain has active website (http://www.axoy.com) and we have put a huge amount of effort to get considerable number of backlinks to Axoy.com.

Because it is a holiday season related site, it attracts most traffic in November and December, and then this withers away in January. So far in December it has received about 24,000 unique visitors, mainly from Europe and North America. Methods of traffic acquistion include SEO and PPC.

Send serious offers by PM or email domains AT azam.biz please.

Happy holidays :)