View Full Version : News Coverage of England World Cup Winners

11-25-2003, 05:56 AM
You'd think we never won anything before.

This morning on breakfast TV the stations were falling over each other to get the squad as they returned from Australia.

The players looked exhausted, and not very happy at the press conference.

The organiser was repeatedly yelling at reporters to sit down so other people could see (they were like excited little children).

The reporter allowed to ask the first question was the envy of the rest. He asked the deepest, most soul-searching question - that was also on the lips of every other 2-bit reporter present. That question was ....

"What was it like to win the World Cup?"

Of course, everyone in the room laughed at this, because it was clearly a very good question, not to mention very witty in all kinds of ways.

We then had 20 minutes of variations on the same question from every other reporter in the room, accompanied by repeated shouts to sit down so others could see.

For the fourth day in a row the newspapers are carrying front-page, back-page, centre spreads, and four or six page spreads inside about the team members. Like there's no other news.

For the second time in four days I think I saw the players being rated out of 10 - and they all got 11 (sigh).

The Sun had a poster you could stick up in your window. Again.

When you think that us winning the Football World Cup in 1966 lasted an interminable 50 years near enough, what on earth have we got to look forward to here...?

The only good thing is that the Aussie press is eating humble pie big time :)

Now, if THEY had to suffer for the next 50 years until we win something else it wouldn't be so bad...

11-25-2003, 06:42 AM
Sualdam.... Aussies don't eat humble pie, they say "we'll get em next time!", while the NZ'ers went home growling "they bloody beat us!"

Actually, the press here has had mainly praise about what a great World Cup it was, and howwwww close that final game was (if it hadn't rained we would've grabbed it!) :-)

But thought you might be interested in what kind of figures where generated during the Cup.

.. Ticket sales topped $200m
.. 1.87m fans attended the event
.. The ARU will pay $120m in expenses, keep $45m from the surplus and pass on the remaining $35m to the International Rugby Board
.. The International Rugby Board will also make a further $150m in profit from commercial operations
.. The ARU will devote $15m to development, and the remainder will be kept in reserve

The final game was declared the best game of rugby ever played in the finals.

But we had to have one giggle... all you have to do is play rugby like football and you get knighted ! ;-)