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11-22-2003, 12:03 PM
Iím looking for a dynamic website solution and Iíd like to know if Iíd need to invest in learning php or if there is a simpler option for the following case.

What I want to achieve: I want operate many sites - a cluster of interlinked sites. The sites are going to be basically about the same thing but each site must be unique in terms of page weight, content and appearance to avoid setting of any duplication alarms. I donít want to write or maintain each of them one by one. I want to manage these sites from a central location without them appearing as duplicates to search engine spiders or to passing human inspectors. On top of that, it would be ideal if there was an automatic system for keeping the sites fresh (new content constantly) and for me to publish addition content/pages across the cluster in one action.

How I guess I could achieve it: I guessed that a combination of different looking templates, different external css files and dynamic content sections mixed up across the multiple sites could do the trick.

I would make each template and css file by hand I guess but the navigation would need to be generated dynamically for me to be able to add new pages or links to new sites across the cluster.

The content would need to be generated dynamically. Each site would have pages about the same topics that I could make unique by creating long pages from multiple paragraph sections. If I had say 20 paragraphs written on a topic each page could grab 5 of them randomly to create multiple unique pages about one topic. Periodically, the site could refresh by grabbing the 5 paragraphs randomly again.

How ambitious is that? Can you point me in the right direction?: Iím not a programmer, Iím a designer who know html. Iím willing to invest in learning whatís required to achieve this Ė php or whatever. How difficult is something like that to learn to program? Am I going to need to invest in full on programming understanding to achieve this or would it be as simple as learning html? Is php the best choice for achieving this as easily as possible? Do you know of any existing products, technologies, systems or services I could use instead (php was just my first guess).

Thanks for helping

11-23-2003, 01:36 AM
Personally I would use PHP to achieve this. #1 reason is it's free. There are also lots of resources and tutorials on the net. www.hotscripts.com is a good spot to check for premade scripts.


those are good tutorial sites.

I would like to comment on your practice on how to get more hits. I don't condone this deceptive method to attract traffic.

11-24-2003, 01:10 PM
You could also use server side includes .shtml pages if your host allows that, and then use javascript to randomly, or at predetermined times, change the files by selecting an include based on that interval.

.shtml server side includes would be easier to learn than php since you already know html, the javascript rotation of those includes should be fairly easy also.


edit...... check this site's tutorial on SSI http://www.webcom.com/~webcom/help/inc/include.shtml