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07-03-2004, 12:43 PM
Before you buy a domain and register it from any resellers and server providers, you must check for a complete manual and a plan under which they bundle it. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with frustration, that you cannot change the server later, even after the stipulated and mandatory waiting period of six months.

When you are registering your domain directly with any Registrars then no problem. Only when you go through the resellers, who provide you with attractive offers such as web site development tools, control panel, specific storage allotment and E-mail addresses. While doing so, they definitely make a back door entry of your Domain name, thus making it difficult for you to change the server later.

The reseller programme is such, that they offer you the Domain registration with part of their bundle. And if you breach or break, then you are likely to lose your Domain Registration, because it is part of the bundle, as their package web site offer that they are putting you into! Later this cancelled domain name will be parked by the reseller in their capacity as first original web site provider. If you do not renew your domain through the same reseller/provider, or if you downgrade your web site to other cheaper available offers of the same server, then the trick begins.

In this type of domain registration, they do not allow you to shift it to other servers too. They may allow you to change the DNS hosting details and still you need to pay them for the whole year for the server too, even though you are shifting to some other server, who might be actually providing you the database etc. The original reseller will retain the DNS hosting and sub-domain, e-mail etc with them only, though practically you are hosted elsewhere and may be getting more attractive offers and services after shifting. Only the DSN pointer is now showing the later name or IP Address.

Oh, for one single domain name now I am paying through my nose to two different servers! sighhhh.

Linda Buquet
07-03-2004, 12:53 PM

Thanks for thw words of warning. It sounds like you got involved in a very messy and costly mistake. Most of the well know registrars this would never happen with.

07-04-2004, 07:57 AM
Hi Catalyst,

It is the popular host tripod.com that tricked me into. But it is not ended yet here.

The Indian web server, Net4India, they not only refused to provide the agreed services, they never respond to my e-mail at all. The worse is, only automated acknowledgements provided for Trouble tickets booked through their Support window.They refuse to pay the refund too. I am now thinking of taking legal action against Net4India.com, who too are the resellers for MelbourneIT. Net4India domain servers - must be filling its coffers with decieved sum from many unhappy victims. They don't even bother to answer over phone. This is the pathetic condition of Net4India.com 's Mumbai office.

Tell me where I can lodge my protest to recover my legitimate dues from - net4india.com.
Thanks a lot,