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05-19-2004, 05:06 PM
I have been reading all the topics posted here and felt compelled to write some of my findings. Being one who has played this web/optimization/domain name game for several years I feel that either some poeple that are doing what I am doing on my sites are either A. Doing it and telling everyone else not to do it because it will effect rankings thus keeping the secrets to themselves. Let me explain what I am talking about and I will also state only facts. Some of you might not agree with the way I do things but I own the sites and I will do whatever I want with them as long as it works for me.

First off the domains, whoever tells you that having keywords in your URL does not impact your results on any search engine even google is full of sh*t. I own over 400 domains all targeted at a local business market. These domains all vary including keywords. Nowadays I am finding 1000's more CT's from search engines as people have now been told to use more targeted search phrases for better results, well by doing this guess which sites are always ranked in the first positions out of 100,000++....Mine I have other local businesses scrambling to try and out rank me on these very popular search phrases and they cant. And all i have to do is ensure that some of the phrases are on my page. I would be much more specific and give my site URL's for testing purposes but I would not like to enhance my competitors chances, as these domains are getting expensive as i usually purchase about 5 per day sometimes as much as 50. Another myth that i have seen posted many times is keyword spamming some call it ( i call it creative marketing) my very first website used to suffer in the search engine rankings so one day i was so pissed off that since it didnt make any difference what i did the rankings sucked so bad i decided rather than shut the site down i would place thousands of keywords hidden in the footer of my pages, Guess what.... are you sitting down.... Not only does this site rank very well on all major search engines now it kicks ass. We now get about 25000 visiotrs just from search engine per day and this has been on the site for almost 8 months with no sign of slowing down rather it just gets better everyday. So I say place as many hidden keywords in your footers as you can it has worked for me.

On the doamin name game again here is a test for you
go to google and type in hotels 1st result hotels.com position 1 out of 217,000,000 results next test google again type in domains guess what domains.com #1 out of 14,100,000 and also look at the next few results see what i am saying, so if you had a market of hotels and domains i would suggest you buy hotelsdomains.com and reap the benefits and to take it to the next step also buy whatever you feel is targeted keyords for your business ie; hotelsdomainssales.com ect ect. The days of the short domain are long gone look at your logs and see what people are putting in the search engines to get tou your site and use that info to your advantage, if the user is typing in cheapest hotels domains and they are finding your site spend the 6.00 and buy the keyworded domain.

Some people also say dont host your sites on the same IP gimme a break I say, I have over 400 sites up and live all on the same IP, if you were to go to google and type in my targeted market keywords or phrases you would notice that the first 200 sites listed are all mine....wheres my competition...who cares One way or another my sites are getting all the visitors and I am leaving all the competion in the dust. Now the only way I do make $$$ off my sites is to advertise the local businesses on my sites for a fee of course and they pay. WHY because they dont get any search engine traffic. I have purposely monopolized my market. Since i have done this my wife dosnt bitch at me to bring home more money anymore... I am making enuff to pay the bills, mortgage, and that nice little benz of hers in the driveway. All i am trying to relay to everyone is to think outside the box buy those domains, put up as many sites as you can ect it only means more money in the end for you.

Every word i have said in this article is true and i have no reason to make up any BS, I am telling you what i have tried and what has worked for me, Oh by the way when i decided to do all this I was struggling to make a living, my site was about to be closed down due to being behind on payments so really i had nothing to lose, Guess what it paid off I am not rich ...YET but i am in a much better position today than I was 9 months ago who knows maybe I shouldnt be telling you this for free...LOL... But thats what I did and it has worked out well for me. the shortest URL i own is 8 characters and the longest is 65 characters the 65 character one gets tones of traffic too. example it goes like this xxxxx-eeereee-tttffdej-kshjeysh-kskskskssk-nsnsnsyshsj-kkeyesjsjsj-eeeeeeej.com all above jiberish letters represent keywords.

Ask yourself these questions
is the writer of this benefitting from writing this in any way?

does he/she care what you do?

is he/she trying to help some people or take advantage of them?

If you tried the above suggestions to verify for yourself what is the over all cost to you?

One $6.00 domain and 10.00 bucks to host it for 2 months thru your own provider, to see your results.

I know there will probably be those that say dont do what i say i did, just remember those may be the same people out there that have the number 1 ranking on the search engines and may be doing exactly what i am doing and dont want you to know about it. Dont knock it till you have tried it and when you do try it you wont be sorry.

remember keyword targeted domain
some pertinant content for users to read
thousands of targeted keywords hidden in the footer

05-20-2004, 07:27 AM
thousands of targeted keywords hidden in the footer

i.e. you are a keyword spammer ? Google might ban you any day now.

You should post this in the Google forum. You can have a good laugh then.

05-20-2004, 09:55 AM
Ha Ha,
Well I can see why you didn't register.

When google finally does figure out and remove you guys. The people that actually put work into their SEO will be at still be at the top. Don't think that you guys own all of the searched, because it just isn't true.

I refer to "you guys" because I think you are criminals, and you should learn to actually put work into something, and make a quality product.

Its just a matter of time.