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05-19-2004, 12:48 AM
Dear All responses requested over the following issue- I brought over 2 yrs ago a domain name for an upcoming local icon attraction. I had created several pages off my tourism site explaining of the new venture. The icon openeed Dec '03 with only the local tourist bureau have the .au extension registered and re-directed to their site until funding allowed the development of their site, so far still not up! I have been building this .com site as a local community portal & infomation site for visitors & locals to use. I have requested meeting with local committee but until 1 week ago no luck, now they are putting the heavies on me about misleading, plagarism, copying etc:
They got a local lawyer to view site in Feb and advised and alot of facts are incorrect and the site has developed greatly since then. I have take on board a few comments I felt had merit and changed infomation. I said very little during the grilling as not to give them ammunition. This site has been for local benefit and now I have placed "Unoffical" site at top of page. They want me to give them the domain, what do you think?

05-19-2004, 09:24 AM
Could you be more clear on the actual reason that they have for requesting that you give up the domain.

05-19-2004, 10:55 AM
Basically because they believe it is there's. I have no right to use that name or trade anything using that name.
I believe I have not done anything wrong.
Oh.... they also said you want to make money out of this site using our name. The local committee believe it is a "rouge site" and will detract from there site even whilst there offical site is not up and will be only information and not as mine is a community portal & interactive.
I do eventually hope to cover costs like anyone else would, I am local born & bred here and love this wonderful region.

05-19-2004, 11:29 AM
Off the topic I haven't been to that actual town, but I have been to Perth area a few times and I have toured some of the vinyards north of Perth, and I too really like the area.

I hate to see someone caught in the situation that you are in especially since you have had good intentions from the start. They are trying to make you look like the bad guy. You seem like a reasonable person, and their request is very rude and unprecidented. I see that you have two options. Since this is a site related to their business, and I have already heard the word lawyer, then there is the potentintial for a trademark case, but your not to that point yet. As far as the domain is concerned, there aren't a lot of links coming into it so it wouldn't be a huge loss as far as search engines are concerned. If it were my site, and I get really mad when people trying to scare me into giving them a domain before they have reasonably tried to obtain it from me, I would drop the domain, Fill it with useless content and get a new domain for my own site which I would endlessly promote, so that they cant have that domain either, just due to the fact that they threatened me, or I would offer it to them at some rediculous price.

It really comes down to they want the domain and are going to try to scare you into giving it to them instead of aproaching you like a person from the start and trying to work something out with you.

Personally I wouldn't give it up..