Bing Traffic Increasing?

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MSN Search Discussion Forum
Bing Traffic - Up And With Better Conversions?

Bing Traffic - Up And With Better Conversions?
I've talked to several people over the last three days in various industries. Everyone is noticing a decent increase in Bing search traffic since about 1/25/12.

In addition they're noticing decent conversion rates with Bing vs the others. Is anyone else seeing this?

It's curious as I wonder if it's a reflection of a new ad campaign I've missed or a move from the latter because of the "search" improvements of last month?

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That site also seem to publish ads powered by some ad-platforms that I have not seen before according to a network analysis in Firebug.

Our prime minister talked about the dark corners of the internet in his new years speech. They seem to increase. Opera's principle:

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Is it too early and am I half asleep? I can't find one!

All of your assistance is appreciated. Thank you,

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