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WebProWorld Members,

As I have told you all before, Kentucky weather is crazy! We have storms and tornado warnings, snow, and 65 degrees all in the same week!

Most of you know how much I love the summer time and the heat! So I am ready for June to get here which is also my wedding month!

And speaking of, I am in the process of trying to find a honeymoon spot. Definitely somewhere tropical for this girl! So far I have had Saint Lucia and Cabo San Lucas recommended to me.

Since we have people all over the world subscribing to this newsletter, do you all have any suggestions?

| Tiffany |
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Thursday January 19, 2012 Visit Here

WordPress Discussion Forum
Wordpress Cart Issues

 Wordpress Cart Issues
I have installed wordpress and added a cart plugin to the website. I have also using the colorway theme.

I seem to have run into a few problems.

First - The shopping cart is WP eCommerce. It installed fine. I created my products in the cart. I did not run into an issue until I was working on the Variations. I have only one product the will have 5 drop down menus that uses the variations. That product does not seem to work. The variations are Flavor 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each of those variation sets has about 50 flavor option to select from. Put when I try to assign those variations for the product it seem to freeze up or looks like it is still loading. Product url - I can only get one drop down menu to show up (one variation). I don't know what is wrong or how to fix it.

Second - My submit button has disappeared on the comment section. I am unsure where that button is located so I can find out how to get it back.

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Google Discussion Forum
Google Add Url Not Found?

Well, in the last few days I tried to submit my new website for crawl, but Google's Submit URL service is not working. First of all I thought this is browser problem but I tried all browsers and come up with the same problem. I also tried using my different laptop and got the same problem. Finally I think this is Google's server problem but i am not sure?

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Google AdWords Discussion Forum
Confused About Destination URL

I am brand new to the forum and Google Adwords, so i'll probably have tons of questions needing your help. Many thanks in advance!

First one, here we go:

when i logged into my Google Analytics account and looked at Advertising>Adwords>Destination URLs, this is what i show:

......&9gtype={ifsearch:search}{ifcontent:content} &9gkw={keyword}&9gad={creative}.1&9gag=18406610 78

(sorry i am not allowed to post links now, but the part before parameters above is my domain name)

can anyone explain to me how to understand the url and, actually, how it is generated?

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Interview: Raditaz Launches to Take on Pandora

While the announcement of another music service is not out of the ordinary, a new one that is launching today has some features that will likely turn a few heads. The service is called Raditaz and prides itself with being the "future of Internet radio" for its unique geolocation layer.

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