Decreasing Sales After Update

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WebProWorld Members,

Happy 2012!

What did you do to celebrate bringing in the new year?

I didn't do much of anything. But I did find my wedding dress and location so I got the two big things out of the way. Very productive weekend for me!

Wedding planning is definitely stressful but of course it will all be worth it.

Hope you all are having a great week! On we go...

| Tiffany |
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eCommerce Discussion Forum
Slow down in sales after implementing new Shopping Cart and accepting CC's

Slow down in sales after implementing new Shopping Cart and accepting CC's
My wife and I recently went from using the free version of ejunkie shopping cart (accepting Paypal and Google Checkout) to implementing Turnkey Media's "Sunshop" shopping cart. We made the transition in early December. In late December (week leading up to Christmas) we began accepting Credit Cards through CDG Commerce. Overall our sales have slowed tremendously and I'm trying to figure out if it's something to do with the design flow, or a problem with the checkout process. I've tried and tested the cart and can get an order through no problem, however being new to this, and probably not understanding all the reasons people might bounce from our web store, I thought I would ask to see if anyone has any suggestions here.

When we used ejunkie we simply charged a flat fee on each item for shipping. Now we use shipping tables based on weight of all items in cart. Since we switched to the new cart, Google Checkout sales have become virtually non-existent. While we don't have extremely high volumes, I would have expected more through Google Checkout in the month of December, but only had 1 through the new shopping cart.

Before starting to accept CC's we did manage a few sale through Paypal and a couple of Check/Money orders. Since the switch to CC, all Paypal sales have ended and only a few CC's have come through.

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Web Servers
Finicky htaccess files -- am I doing something wrong?

Sometimes when I add a new line of code to my htaccess file, the entire site will go down, and produce a 500 error code for the url. So I simply go back to the htaccess file, remove whatever I added that caused the problem, and then upload the corrected file. However, this usually does not fix the problem (at least not immediately). I continue to get the 500 errror code, regardless of the fact that I've changed the htaccess file back to its original state.

Is this simply a matter of my web server (apache) having somewhat of time delay in recognizing the corrected htaccess file that I upload?

My web host tech support tells me no --- and that by simply removing the offending code, everything should work as it did before. However, during the course of the conversation, they also say something to the effect of "I renamed your htaccess file, and now it works okay. So it must have been something you put in the code."

This makes me think that it is a caching issue of some sort. Yes? No?

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Flash Discussion Forum
Starting/Stopping a Sound Clip

Hi, I'm very new to flash and I am kind of getting frustrated with this one thing i am working on:

I have a button in which first off, on mouseover changes to another image (ex. glowing/highlighting). A feature I wanted to add was when the button is clicked, a sound clip begins to play.

However i have a number of problems:

1. You can keep clicking the button and it will constantly start up the clip again causing it to overlap and play a million times 2. I want it to STOP playing once i click it again. and then start again when i click it after it has stopped.

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