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How many of you use Twitter?

While there are many tools out there for posting and organizing and that kind of thing, one I like to use is Twellow. Specifically, TwellowHood.

With TwellowHood, you can search your city for the top Twitter users. New cities are being added all the time. It comes in really handy. I have used it several times, and I find new people to follow all the time.

If you want to follow me, and my (mostly) useless updates about nothing at all, with the occasional random fact, or work-related post thrown in, go here. :)

| Tiffany |
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Thursday, April 28, 2011 Visit Here

Odd challenge in Chrome

Odd challenge in Chrome
Hey all. I have an odd occurence and was hoping maybe you guys could help me out. The picture slide show I have works in all other browsers, but not in chrome. is the site where the challenge is located.

Maybe someone that is more knowledgeable at this stuff than me can figure out what I did wrong.

I have been web programming hard core for about 2 years and started my first site 12 years ago, but this has got me stumped. The weirder thing is that it was fine until i upgraded my chrome a while back.

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Site for Review

1. Use the drop-down menu or the bottom pictures to browse visa requirements for that country. 2. Choose the visa type. 3. Read the requirements and applicable forms for that visa. 4. select the price under desired process time. 5. Fill out the form (use fake credentials - it's just a demo).

View The Site

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Large Blogger Site Redirects My Blog To It's Own Home Page in Google Search Results

I had noticed that this very large blog site,, was not automatically adding my posts any more from my blog. I became curious and tried to find out why. I was unable to contact them from their site. Then I noticed when studying my keywords in the search engines, this site is ranking in the top five for most of my keywords on Google only, and it was MY blog title and posts that Google found on this site. When I clicked on it (and the url has my blog title in it), it was redirected to 's home page. Hmmm. All of a sudden they are in the top five position, most of the time ranking above my own domain blog, but not giving me the benefit of my content, which google has been ranking on page 1.

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Other Engines/Directorie
Local/International Search engines

Can anyone list some main search engines for local areas. Looking at expanding to different markets.

I have the following:

International - Yahoo/Google/MSN/Bi
Czech - Seznam
Russia - Yandex

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Facebook's New Security Measures Explained

Despite Facebook's long history of security concerns, the social network rolled out new measures in hopes of changing its past reputation. The new tools include updates to its Family Safety Center, an expanded social reporting tool, a two factor authentication measure, and an enhanced HTTPS option.

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