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WebProWorld Members,

Happy Tuesday!

Ok guys, I am in need of your help! In June, I will be doing to Destin, Florida for a wedding I am in. As some of you all already know, I am totally obsessed with the beach, but I have been searching for hotels/condos for a few days now, and it is exhausting! I am still trying to find the best deals, and hoping to be near the Sandestin Hilton.

If you know of any awesome places near the area please feel free to email me! I am taking 4 or 5 people along with me, so we need a big room or condo.

Beach here I come! :)

| Tiffany |
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Visit Here

Google Optimization Forum
Google Places Wont List Strippers

Google Places Wont List Strippers
In all their wisdom, Google have decided not to allow a places listing for one of my clients because the listing does not comply to their policy of allowed terms.

The problem must lie with the company name, Strippers. So the one thing I cant change is the one thing that's tripping it up.

I purposely left out 'strippers' and 'stripping' from the description and categories, so nothing there to make it any 'cleaner'

I've had a look on the goog places support forum but that just full of people with similar issues and no response from the big G.

Anybody else had a similar issue with a Google Places listing? and did you get it sorted in the end?

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Site for Review

Hey guys, I'd love to get your feedback on ... It's a fun site that allows you to add your own captions to photos on the site, rank captions, or add your own photo for others to cap on ... Let me know what you think, what you like, or what could be improved.

View The Site

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Is anyone else getting problems with IE9?

Yesterday one of my clients reported she couldn't use the main buttons on her Joomla site after a Windows Update about 1 week ago (it worked before then as the site was thoroughly tested). I have looked on their site and got a solution. So no problems there.

However, now I have another of my clients also using IE9 and they cannot upload on their Google Merchant Center: When they try to upload all they get is a blank page. It works fine in other browsers but not IE9.

Is anyone else getting issues with IE9, especially since the last Windows Update? Please spare my sanity.

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Is this bad ???

I have a website that has been online for 8 years (call it which ranks well for my keywords of "my" and "store". The issues is that my company is named ABC Corporation, so, when people hear ABC Corporation, they type in of course, that was not my site (I had to make sure they new After a few years of this, I bid on and purchased, and it web forwards traffic to, so domain name = company name - finally !

The question is...can I promote and submit the site to the search engines? Will that be flagged as "bad"?

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Posted by: solid71 View Post | Click To Comment
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Blekko CEO Talks Addition of Facebook Comments

Last week, Blekko announced a deeper integration with Facebook to include Facebook Comments directly into its search results. As Rich Skrenta, the search engine's CEO and Co-founder, explained to WebProNews, this integration offers users commentary from their friends and family around a particular search term.

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