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If you ever need proof that truth is stranger than fiction, simply give this story a read. It tells of how a newspaper site ripped off a blog over a story concerning the legitimacy of DirecTV's viral campaign regarding fictional Petite Lap Giraffes., a nifty music video player. He also writes on a personal blog, of which he released an article titled "Petite Lap Giraffes: Real?" In the article, he writes about research he conducted to find out if Petite Lap Giraffes are real or not. He cites some specific research, concerning the Petite Lap Giraffe site's URL registration, by way of a WHOIS query, and this photo which originated from a stock photo website.

The story becomes particularly interesting when Miller discovers that used his research to release their own article , without a creditable link directed towards Miller’s website. As any blog owner would do in his situation, he called LongIslandPress out on their exclusion. He did so by posting a comment on the article, getting straight to point without being nasty.

Miller’s story caught a bit of steam, and was eventually posted on Slashdot. All the negative attention lead LongIslandPress to take down the story.

Newspaper sites that aren’t ready for the internet“. While LongIslandPress is a regional paper and doesn’t have the attention of other major newspaper sites, it paints a portrait of how the needless fight between newspaper sites and blogs rages on. Miller could have really made more of his story, but instead had a bit of fun with it and kept everyone updated with the proceedings. The remarkable part of the story is all of this could have been avoided if they just posted a single link to Miller’s site.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Visit Here

Google Discussion Forum
Massive Ranking Fall After Google Panda Update

Massive Ranking Fall After Google Panda Update
I have been doing SEO for a website design company in India and we were publishing quality content and we were not doing any black hat seo techniques but still all the ranking went for a toss. We could not find out any single ranking in any keyword.

Our site speed is not that impressive and our website has 94 internal links in the homepage. Could this be the reason of the fall? Please suggest.

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Site for Review

Reviews would be greatly appreciated from an end users point of view, ie customers. We are a small independant retail store in Cornwall, England. We do not sell directly on-line but hope to use our site to advertise ourselves and examples of our merchandise, so how the site looks, feels, navigates etc would help

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WordPress Discussion Forum
Accordian-style drop down plugin for sidebar menu items?

I've got a site I'm working on where each of my menu links are represented by images.

Unfortunately, I need some "sub-images" to reveal themselves when their parent is clicked on. You can see the menu items under "services" and "construction" here:

I've looked at a variety of accordian plugins, but most are about image galleries or revealing content in a post.

Does anyone have a suggestion to make this work?

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Webmaster Resources Discussion Forum
It Might Be Time To Upgrade Your Google Maps To V3 Maps API

I say this because I was looking through the Google Maps API reference website yesterday and found the following:

Note: The Google Maps Javascript API Version 2 has been officially deprecated as of May 19, 2010. The V2 API will continue to work as per our deprecation policy, but we encourage you to migrate your code to version 3 of the Maps Javascript API.

The new Google Maps JavaScript API V3 looks good and it seems Google is really pushing forward with mobile development as well as the new API is a solution for both desktop and mobile devices.

So if you or one of your clients has an old Maps API running on it you might want to freshen up your knowledge of the new Google Maps and get on to upgrading as soon as you can - it'll be for the better - because as we know the world is going mobile and most definitely so is search. The numbers prove it!

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WordPress Discussion Forum
Custom install of BotScout "BotBuster"

I'm attempting a custom install of the BotScout API and wonder if anyone else has tried this (in WordPress, of course)?

I've placed the configured BotScout.php file in the root folder of the blog, along with all the other wp-??? files, and am now puzzling over where to add the include() statement in wp-login.php. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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