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WebProWorld Members,

Google used the phrase "Don't be evil" in it's past. I never really understood this statement. Corporations aren't inherently good or evil. They make decisions to try and maximize profit, which can either be A.) legal or B.) illegal. Then it's up to the consumers and law enforcement call these businesses out.

Google has gotten so big that decisions are being made on many different levels, it's impossible to peg them as being good or evil. Even if the CEO were to institute a plan to steal users' credit card numbers, it wouldn't be representative of Google as whole. They would certainly be looking for a new CEO though.

The reason for me bringing up this topic is Larry Page will be taking back the reins as CEO, replacing the recently resigned Eric Schmidt. Page has stated his plans of making Google the way it once was. You know, before it became an evil, faceless organization.

Ron Miller, who I linked to above believes it's too late for Google to become that exciting, ground-breaking entity it once was. I'm inclined to agree with him. This isn't to say Page is going to fail. There's a good chance Google will become much more efficient under his direction, and we'll start seeing more ground-breaking releases from them. However, the free spirited, let our minds carry the torch nature of Google is gone. They're a corporation now.

Miller makes another good point in his article, stating how Google doesn't need to internally come up with new services or technologies, as they can just buy out other start-ups. As most corporations do.

It will be interesting to see how Google changes with Page in charge. While they might not be able to become that sassy, up-and-coming startup it once was, corporate efficiency can always increase. "evil".

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Marketing Strategies Discussion Forum
Marketing Ethics & 3rd Party Social Media Scripts

Marketing Ethics & 3rd Party Social Media Scripts
It took my marketing team a long exhaustive time to convince me to start a social media campaign starting with Facebook and Twitter. This was around the time when it was announced that the hits to FB exceeded Google's hits.

I thought about it longer. "Hits" greater than Google? Does a hit include every time a page is loaded with a FB script? If so, then I'm not impressed because nearly every website nowadays has a FB script.

What convinced me was the targeted ads and number of members (if we can believe that number that FB provides.)

Now, I further researched FB and found that they practice some things that I don't like. One is their stalking users that consume twice the bandwidth on my site. A second is their push to make every aspect of our lives public whether or not the individual wants it. Third, their computer-controlled photo tagging faces is one practice that I don't relish because it is prone to high error. Imagine you're erroneously tagged and don't find out about it for years. Meanwhile, others are seeing & believing it.

At this point, I don't see any reason to carry the FB scripts or join their craze. Can anyone convince me to continue to carry FB scripts (such as the "Like" button) and participate further in the FB craze to help market my company?

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Site for Review

Reviews would be greatly appreciated from an end users point of view, ie customers. We are a small independant retail store in Cornwall, England. We do not sell directly on-line but hope to use our site to advertise ourselves and examples of our merchandise, so how the site looks, feels, navigates etc would help

View The Site

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Local Council is using one of my photos without permission

A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my photographs of Hornby Castle in Lancashire is appearing on my local council's City Coast and Countryside website.

I emailed them asking why they were using my photo without permission and that it would have been nic

e to be asked and even nicer to be credited... they haven't replied. My photo on my sister's website:

My photo on the city coast and countryside website:

To be honest it's no big deal... I'm half flattered and half annoyed...

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Using PRWeb.Com for SEO Campaigns - Just say no...

As many of you know I have always been a staunch advocate of the service. Today, however that has changed. We do a large number of press releases for our clients and we have always enjoyed the benefit of prwebs ranking system allowing you to pay to upgrade your release and have it show higher in their results. Today, upon submitting a release, I used this system, as always, to make sure my client was in the top 3 positions, ensuring that every media aggregator that used the prweb rss feed would carry the clients release front and center.

As always, their system allowed me to upgrade the release until I was satisfied with position #2 for the day. That stayed like that right until midnight when the release was published, at which time it was dropped (manually by Mike) to position #10 and no longer showed the upgraded fee as being paid in that accounts control panel.

After calling their editorial hotline I spoke with Mike over at Vocus, the company that fairly recently purchased PRWeb. He alerted me to a 'policy change' that had transpired since before his time with the company that no longer allows customers to upgrade their releases and that he had issued a refund for the upgrade fee.

Their system does not state this anywhere in the purchase process, in fact the purchase process has a big bold area that allows you to do the upgrade. PRWebs terms and conditions state this new policy anywhere in them, nor does their 'prweb news' area on the site.

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Search Engine Optimization Forum
Looking For The Top SEO Tip Of The Year? Read This

Have you ever taken a keen look at the search results after you've typed a question in the search box? You guessed it! The titles of the first two or three results are usually an exact copy of your question. Why is that?

What's My top SEO tip of the year?

The search results aren't only dependant on the kind of websites you can find with the keywords you search with on them, and search engines aren't only about finding products or services but they're also a social portal where people can find answers to their questions and we all know everyone's got a question - so why not answer it? The search engines are!

How many people in your niche market are actually answering questions - questions that are asked by your potential users? Find out, ask a question and then answer it.

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