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WebProWorld Members,

It's always great when we can celebrate a birthday on a Friday. It's hard to believe but "Wikis" turned 16 years old today. The first ever wiki based service was started in the mid-90's by a man named Ward Cunningham. This precedes the now famous Wikipedia by six years.

Wiki Wiki Web was the first website of its kind, though more popular sites of the like would come along and dominate the web. Interestingly enough, if you search for Wiki Wiki Web on Google, the top result is a Wikipedia page about Wiki Wiki Web.

Here's a description of Wiki Wiki Web on the site itself:

This website and the software it runs on were created by WardCunningham for the PortlandPatternRepository. It is home to an InformalHistoryOfProgrammingIdeas as well as a large volume of material recording related discourses and collaboration between its readers.

The content is written by the users people like you and me. Anyone can change any page or create new pages. Read the TextFormattingRules to find out how, and then go to the WikiWikiSandbox to try it yourself. Please use the WikiWikiSandbox if you want to experiment with how editing works. If you make a page you don't want to keep, just replace its text with the word "delete".

It's not surprising to see how wiki's have been successful throughout the years. Original content, being manufactured at a quick pace on a daily basis. The wiki keeps evolving as well. A new website called Qwiki takes information in wikis and creates visual tools to relay the most important information.

As long as content is king I foresee a healthy sixteen years ahead for wiki sites. Especially if they can keep adapting and evolving to meet new web advancements.

Happy Birthday!

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

| JohnnyV |

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Friday, March 25, 2011 Visit Here

Good, Bad Ugly? What is Legitimate?

Good, Bad Ugly? What is Legitimate?
I've noticed that Facebook sets cookies when I visit another website with a FB script on it. Good, Bad, or Ugly? Is this a legitimate programming practice?

I also noticed that FB stalks it's users as they navigate the Internet. Right after a FB user is on one of my pages, within a second I see FB bot on the same page. Good, Bad, or Ugly?

FB claims to not share your information with others (I assume FB is not included in "others"), however, they really do share it with a database to compile stats on you to serve you ads.

Where is the line between good programming practices and bad?

How can I detect whether or not FB reads cookies from other domains? I can launch a page with FB script to do this, but can I detect what is served back to FB? There has got to be a way, even if I have to capture and analyze every bit flowing from my computer.

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Site for Review

I'm not sure what direction to take my forum and header. Please look at the following theme and let me know what you think. Toyota Truck Forum Main Theme

View The Site

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Marketing Strategies Discussion Forum
Amazon Product Ads -- Anyone Tried These?

Just saw a banner ad (on this forum) for Amazon Product Ads. Looks like it's CPC. Has anyone tried this program? How long has it been around?

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Search Engine Optimization Forum Websites Are Great For SEO

Good day and happy Friday members of Today I'd like to, in spite of the fact that I was recently banned from give you some proof that your work with blog, in association with your SEO strategies, does good and does help increase rankings.

A few weeks ago, I posted about how my website rankings were going to drop significantly due to the fact that (especially for my main signature link) had banned my username and removed all my content from their servers. Well, now, almost a month later, my rankings have taken a hit, my site has moved from page 1 - 2 on, now to past page 5 of the Google search results.

The cause of my dropped rankings

I have no choice but to believe my ranking drops came from the loss of my pages as I have done absolutely nothing to my since (a few weeks before) and thereafter. Plus this couldn't be a drop due to the actions of my competitors, as that would be much too big of a drop based on one or two competitor moves (SEO wise).

Five page drop

For this particular site I had about 25 articles published, I didn't only link to my site, I linked out to all sites related to my article/industry.

Overall the point is, setting up that blog to use for SEO could be risky but in the end, if you do things right, could be and seemingly should be great for your SEO campaigns.

I would say just be careful and follow's terms and conditions so you don't turn out the way I did by being suspended.

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Php Includes anyone?

Alright lets start off by saying, it's been a while... No understatement with that but I decided to develop a new website with the skills I've taught myself over the years for photography. I grabbed a templated design as I'm terrible at design, and ripped the HTML to bits embedding php everywhere I could. I'm holding off running the content through a database until we have developed a large amount of content, but during this process I have stumbled across an issue with the Includes I'm using for embedding update-able content, within different languages..

In this example I'm using the "french" language, and you can see that within subsections of the page, the french turns into boxes... I've declared the language in the HTML header, so does anyone know how I may declare the language within a php include file and echo this out into the page where the includes text is published.... or does anyone else have any suggestions?

Also just so I'm right, I only need to declare in the meta tags that the content is in UTF-8 for the french language to work, yes?

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