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WebProWorld Members,

What would you do if Steve Jobs personally emailed you a denial for for an App Store approval? Tawkon, an app developer has already shown what they would do. Petition Apple, and make their app available through a jailbreak service.

Tawkon's app is self-titled, and they released it for Blackberry, Android, and tried to receive approval for the App Store. They were initially turned down, which led to them emailing many of the Apple execs to get an explanation. Eventually, they went to the head honcho himself, Steve Jobs. Here's word-for-word Job's response:

"No interest"

Tawkon is a radiation monitoring app, which warns users when their phone could be releasing higher amounts of radiation. If this sounds odd to you, it should. There is inconclusive evidence to suggest cell phone radiation causes anything sinister in humans.

Even though this is the case, it still doesn't explain the reason behind Apple banning the app from release. Tawkon seems like a legitimate company, with plenty of money to invest in the quality of their product. This isn't some useless app, with interface abnormalities. It was made by pros.

The battle between Tawkon and Jobs/Apple has divided many people. Some people have been complaining Apple is being inconsistent with what they're allowing and scrubbing from their service. Others have sided with Apple, claiming apps such as Tawkon simply add to the hysteria of cell phone radiation and have no place on the app store.

I have to say I'm with Tawkon here. While cell phone radiation is a wishy-washy subject in terms facts and research, I would think a monitoring app would be completely left off the app store. Tawkon's system certainly makes sense in terms of how it works, so I don't see the harm in allowing people to use it.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011 Visit Here

Problems with FireFox Cookies

Problems with FireFox Cookies
I was having problems logging into YouTube with only FireFox:

I partially found out the problem. For some idiotic reason, YouTube forces you to accept G Cookies on your PC when using FireFox! I have them blocked in IE, yet in IE it doesn't matter! That makes no sense at all.

Even when allowing the G Cookies, I have to click the "Upload" link in order to login, the "Sign In" link still doesn't work. It always says "Your login was incorrect" even though no attempt was even made to login! This is a widespread problem I've noticed when searching for answers about this issue.

Now the next question is how to get FF to dump the G Cookies when I close it? I don't get it, the YT Cookies are dumped, and it's not even listed in the FF "Exceptions" area! Yet even when I select "Allow for session" for the G Cookie, it still remains on my PC!

And get this: I delete it, and it still COMES BACK even when I don't go to any G-related website! WTF is wrong with that satan-spawned thing??

Why can't I delete it and KEEP it OFF my HD?

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Site for Review

I'm not sure what direction to take my forum and header. Please look at the following theme and let me know what you think. Toyota Truck Forum Main Theme

View The Site

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Web Programming Discussion Forum
What's wrong with my 301?

I have a WordPress site with a .htaccess file with the regular WordPress statements in it and some of my own 301 redirects statements. after the first two redirects were written I tested it, it worked in IE8 but not Firefox nor Chrome. I've never heard of that myself. SO I'm thinking there's something wrong with my browsers or something and I continue. I write the remaining 9 301's and alas, none of them work in any browser! (including the new test one on the top line)

I've tripled checked my code and it appears to me to e perfect. As long as blank lines are allowed, that is. I wrote this in Dreamweaver as a .txt file which has always worked well for me in the past.

Here's the complete code...

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eCommerce Discussion Forum
Advice of Competence Needed: How to Build Universal Store for Digitals and Tangibles

I consider selling Digital Goods as files (graphics, e-books) and tangible goods (books, vynyl discs). I realize that this is a complex matter of investments and security procedures. Need eventual comments made by experienced sellers before I actually start doing something.

My experience for other forums has been rather negative, as any replies were in fact more general and non-specific than I had expected; they shared their opinions though being non-experienced enough in particulars, thus advising me to do this or that without considering my true needs and expectations.

My considerations and / or related questions would be as follows.

1/ The store should be universal, designed for handling the both kinds of goods at once. 2/ I would prefer a standalone solution suitable for both a/ keeping a download-able file server out of a hosting site (e.g., at home or elsewhere), and b/ having these files integrated withing a hosting site. Although, I'm not sure I really know what would be better.

Normally, they re-direct me to integrated payment-and-delivery services within hosting sites with ridiculous offers bidding $ 3 thorough 999 monthly for their services, though I'd prefer to buy a standalone software below $ 100 and then separately to find a hosting. Any doubts?

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Problem with CAPCHA

Everything was working until 2-3 weeks ago. I have naked ADSL2+ with TPG (ISP) and run wireless network at home to share internet between 5 PC and 1 MAC. All computers with different operating system and different versions of browsers. I even tested on my iPhone 3Gs and when connected to my home network I am unable to see CAPCHA on any website.

I switch to my mobile phone 3G network and capcha was visible. I am completely lost! I did not change any settings on my wireless router and anyway I do not think you can block capcha with any settings on your router. I do not believe my ISP provider blocking it. What on earth is happening? I am desperate ....

I cant work .... Any ideas will be appreciated, even the one that suggest aliens intervention etc... i am so desperate. This doesn't make any sense.

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