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WebProWorld Members,

Before opinions are established, it needs to be mentioned. Yahoo Search Direct is not Google Instant. So let's not jump to conclusions; not all instant search is equal. This is what Yahoo wants us to believe. However, looking at this objectively, is Yahoo simply late to the game and doesn't want to admit it?

If you want to give Yahoo Search Direct a go, you can find the service here. After putting the services through its paces, I'm willing to say they have differentiated it from Google Instant. However, the results are still provided instantly, so the comparisons to Google Instant are inevitable.

What I find most interesting about Yahoo Search Direct is how it diverts people from the search results page. Instead of simply updating the results page in real time, Yahoo's tool provides you the top three results of the suggested terms in the drop down search bar.

I actually prefer Yahoo's system. Although I can turn Google Instant on or off, I can ignore Yahoo Search Direct from the outset. My major complaint with Yahoo's system is the suggestion list is too long. Searching for Elizabeth Taylor (R.I.P.), I was met with some pretty odd suggestions. It appears Yahoo wants to present results from various sub-areas on their site. For Elizabeth Taylor, there's a Yahoo Local suggesstion for someone of that name which features their address and phone number. Not exactly what most people are looking for when they're searching for the actress.

Another interesting notion I developed during my time with Search Direct, is how Yahoo's system doesn't feature any sponsored results. Compared to Google, Yahoo provides less paid search results and with zero being featured in their tool it doesn't bode well for their revenue stream coming from those ads.

People might make a big deal out of Yahoo implementing this idea after Google Instant, but it really doesn't matter. With some tweaks, and clean-ups, I think Search Direct could become a tool I would actually use. Considering I turn Google Instant off, it already has a head start in that regard.

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
Is It Worth Creating New Domain?

Is It Worth Creating New Domain?
I have a dilemma. I currently run and operate a blog which gets over 1 million pages views monthly (I prefer to stay anonymous and not disclose my domain)

We are planing to introduce product review section. So we built a database of every single manufacture and every single product ever manufactured for particular product category. Offering is unique since no one collected that type of data together for end user to see and make informed product decision before purchasing.

So we are debating internally should we introduce our offering: a) as a new domain and drive traffic and market it on our existing domain b) keep this product review/research as part of existing site and drive traffic to this new sub-category/section.

Our main goal is traffic growth for our product review offering.

My experience and gut fill tells me to go with option b) since I think we can utilized our authority with existing domain and start ranking well in search results for our product listing and product review pages quickly.

On another hand, I keep thinking that offering is very unique and it may be worth while to do a separate domain as a separate brand. But as you know it is such a pain to grow new domain.

In any case, I would like to hear feedback from other people as well. It is a big project and I like to make more or less educated decision.

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Site for Review

I'm not sure what direction to take my forum and header. Please look at the following theme and let me know what you think. Toyota Truck Forum Main Theme

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Google Discussion Forum
Yet another allegation against Google! Can anybody prove it?

Ben Edelman, an assistant professor at Harvard business School, has produced several studies that concluded Google favors its own services in search results.

Last year, I started a thread titled 'Shocking!!! Can Google really manipulate search results?', Where we discussed about the allegation that 'Google manipulates search results' and about the investigation carried out by concerned authorities in Texas.

This time the allegation is that Google favors its own services in search results (similar to the earlier allegation but specifically about 'being biased towards its own services').

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Android Most Desired By Non-iPhone Users Until They Get One

Well! I can safely say that although it's easy to desire the an Android phone if you don't have an iPhone, that's simply because you've never owned one!

I have, I bought two android phone in the past year and I really suffered. Everywhere I go, I shout it from the rooftops that all non-iPhone smart phones that are trying to compete with they iPhone are simply knock-offs.

Last year, sometime in October I believe, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S - this is my review. I know I was asking a lot, but I believe I was disgruntled at the way it functioned for the most part - knock-off-ish. Thankfully I lost this phone in a bar brawl and was forced to make another purchase.

So I bought the HTC Desire. I thought I would give an Android phone another chance but it was worse! OK it wasn't really worse - it sort of 'felt' like an iPhone, but buggy buggy it was, intrusive and controlling. After a few weeks of owning it my experience was nothing but disturbing.

Then finally, a door was opened for me and I was pushed through. Fido, the great mobile provider (now owned by Rogers) re-vamped the CityFido plan where all local calls are free, so I jumped on it and in the midst of starting a new mobile plan (and cancelling my current Bell Mobility plan!) I decided to purchase the iPhone which was on sale - cheap.

Here I am, over a month later with the iPhone, completely and utterly satisfied.

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Submit Your Site For Review
Help please - schoolboy errors and CSS problems

Wondering if someone on here can help me out.

Basically I have made a mistake and through constant changes over the last couple of years have ended up with several style sheets and my index page has tables overlapping divs etc - all in all I think it means that the page is not scrolling correctly or resizing to smaller windows etc.. You will see what I mean if you go to -

What I am hoping is someone can help me by cutting all the rubbish out of the page and making it purely CSS based or give me constructive suggestions about a way forward to make it more browser friendly - any help would be much appreciated.

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