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It seems like the past year or two has been filled with whispers of Facebook getting in on the search game somehow. Nothing major has come from these whispers, but they're there none-the-less. We can add yet another whisper to the list, by way of a patent description.

Here's the official description of the patent:

Search results, including sponsored links and algorithmic search results, are generated in response to a query, and are marked based on frequency of clicks on the search results by members of social network who are within a predetermined degree of separation from the member who submitted the query. The markers are visual tags and comprise either a text string or an image.

It sounds to me as though Facebook is going to use their 'Like' system to create an algorithm. So that when a user goes to search for something the sytem will use likes to generate results. I could be completely off base, but that is what I took from the techno-jumbo from the patent.

One company who is more than likely looking intently at Facebook's plans is Google. The company has tried so many strategies to burst onto the social scene, all of them being flatout failures or no where nearing the level Facebook is at.

It should be noted that Facebook has registered search related patents before, so this one is nothing new. It does show they're interested enough to at least go through the process of applying for a patent. Will the patent come into fruition? That's the real question on most peoples' minds.

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

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Friday, March 18, 2011 Visit Here

Insider Reports
Facebook Says Stop Using Google Adsense

Facebook Says Stop Using Google Adsense
I'm actually not sure what round it is, but just yesterday we found out there was a patent Facebook applied for related to Social Search (and it's related networks) which some say might pose a threat to Google's search dominance - especially in the social sphere but today, there's more news that Facebook has asked Adsense users to stop using Adsense in their Facebook applications and instead use an approved ad network.

I'm pretty sure Google will be able to handle their own from a few more years or decades but it looks like there's a high chance Facebook could soon become the King of search at least from a social standpoint, The only problem is that there's almost no distinction between regular and social search (results,groups) anymore - they go hand in hand.

It really looks like Google is going to have to give in, maybe a bend a little especially if it wants to keep tapping into, with it's ad platform, the vast userbase Facebook offers.

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