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WebProWorld Members,

As the devastation in Japan continues to be felt around the world, we can only imagine how it must feel to truly be caught up in the chaos. Thousands of people have been reported missing, and property damage has been estimated to be in the billions. While the event shows the fragility of our infrastructure, it shows the strength of our humanity.

Around the social networks, sympathy and donations are being expressed at break neck speeds. Following George Takei, a famous japanese-american actor; he's been tweeting non-stop in efforts to rally donations towards the Red Cross.

Along with charitable efforts, images and videos have been posted across the internet depicting the magnitude of which of the events. Boston Globe's website in particular has revealed some of the most shocking images I've seen so far.

Many national efforts have been lauded, as the reports make their way stateside. Many japanese video game developers opened up their studio doors to those in need. Apple opened up their store and allowed people to get online to try and connect with lost family members. They allowed their employees, and family members to stay in the store overnight. Providing them food and water.

The human spirit has been shown during these past few days, and will hopefully continue as rebuilding will take place once the entirety of the situation is assessed. In this regard, the internet will be able to lend a hand and keep Japan on everyones' minds.

The ideas presented in the WebProWorld newsletter editor's note do not reflect the thoughts, and ideas of the WebProWorld community.

| JohnnyV |

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011 Visit Here

Search Engine Optimization Forum
My Website's Rankings Are About To Go Down For The Count

My Website's Rankings Are About To Go Down For The Count
That's my horrifying belief this morning after just finding out that ALL and I mean ALL my blogs hosted at have been suspended - and the worst part is, not really that the blogs are down but much more importantly that I may lose all my content - which was quite a bit, especially for my main signature domain - woe is me.

So of course I had to look into this and found there's a Wordpress types of blogs page that lists the good blogs and the bad blogs on and I can safely say, my blogs, although quite linky, were good blogs. I've contacted them but on the terms and conditions page they state clearly that it's rare that they bring a blog back - I'm dead!

The only clause on the types of blogs page I may (I stress 'may') have breached is the following:

SEO blogs: Blogs that are written for search engines instead of humans. These blogs are dedicated to trying to fool Google and other search engines into ranking them or the sites they link to highly. is not meant for this type of activity.

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Site for Review http://

I've been working on for quite while now - it uses the new JavaScript framework (Webplugs) that we've been developing and just a tiny bit of Flash to play the MP3 samples, will move over to HTML5 when it's mature enough though.

View The Site

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Google has launched:

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The Red Cross has also set up a similar tool:

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Hosting Issues
WHM Autopilot - Anyone here using it?

I have 3 hosting servers in the UK and USA and offer a helpful hands-on approach to small business users who's needs are not significant but, get lost in the melee of the big users.

I use a product for billing and hosting activation (that works incredibly well, I think) which is WHM Autopilot and have some minor issues that I would like to resolve in regards to the way it works and how I can improve the way it operates. With a distinct lack of technical know-how, specifically in the php arena I'm wondering if anyone on here uses it and if so, would you help a numptie like me.

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loosing margins when inserting new div in dreamweaver cs4

I am using dreamweaver cs4 to build a web site. I am loosing my margins on the left and right side of my web page when i insert a new div tag,and as soon as i insert this div tag my page also gets a left to right scroll bar underneath,which i do not wish to have.

Until i insert the new div tag i have my margins on the left and right side of the page and no scroll bar underneath and the moment i insert the new div tag i get the scroll bar underneath and also there are no margins on the sides.

This happens when i delete the text``Content for id "coachad" Goes Here``, and copy paste or even type in my text in this div , strangely enough when i copy paste my text in this div i loose my margins and when i type in my text i do not loose my margins up until i reach the fourth line , i know this because i previewed it in a browser after typing in every word in the div .

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